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to feel a bit sad about my mother's opinion about this?

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messymammy Sun 19-Jun-11 21:47:22

I was out on Friday morning with my mum, went to museum of modern art, had lunch, just a nice morning out with her and dd2. On the drive back I remarked on something stupid, can't remember what, but basically said I thought it was one of the only things I thought Ireland had done very well (we are Irish, so not condescingly, more scathing grin ).
She replied that she thought I was wrong, Ireland produces more than half of the formula for the world.
I told her I thought that was sad really, that so much formula was needed and that as Ireland has such low bfing rates, the government is OK with such a huge industry.
She told me I was being hypocritical, dd2 is on formula now, and dd1 did too, but I breastfed for 7months and the formula supplements their very varied diet. She also drinks some cows milk.
Is my mother right?Am I a big fat hypocrite?
I think I'm ready for a flaming...

BoscoIsMyLover Sun 19-Jun-11 22:00:04

May I be the first Irish person to say go an' shite....

And have my first biscuit (Its Jacobs dontcha know) biscuit

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