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to consider going on "Ten Years Younger"

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upsylazy Sun 19-Jun-11 20:59:08

I read a fantastic article about his programme a few years ago basically saying how totally misogynistic it. I still remember a quote from it which spoke about how, after all the surgery etc, the contestant is dragged round an all bar one for people to guess her new age. The quote was along the lines of the surgery being so fresh that the contestant "has to have extra thick make up trowelled over suppurating wounds". It then went on to say something like "But hey guys, now dig her! So it was all worth it right"
However, when I watch it (to cast a critical feminist eye over it) I always find myself thinking how amazing they look and also how much happier they seem.
Since I've got into my 40s I've started to actively avoid looking in mirrors as I'm starting to really hate the way I look - wrinkles, saggy skin, broken veins etc. I've also started to dress in really dowdy clothes as I have this total fear of looking like mutton dressed as lamb.
Would I be a total hypocrite for applying? Would anyone else go on there?

depob Sun 19-Jun-11 21:04:08

My friend went on it to get the dentistry work done for free. Ended up getting divorced ha ha but has nice teeth now.

TattyDevine Sun 19-Jun-11 21:04:23

You can do something in between what you are doing now and going on that show.

Why not invest in a course of derma-roller facials or some IPL or hell you could try botox if you are game - if you are willing to have surgery you probably aren't too anti. Just to see how you feel. Basically, whatever you end up doing make a pledge that you are going to give yourself a little boost.

And forget this mutton thing - unless you are poncing round in leopard skin mini skirts and silly boots I'm sure you are fine - stick to well fitting basics etc.

If you are stoney broke then I guess the show pays for it (I assume?) but if you have any disposable income, perhaps its time to say "I want some of this for me, for a new hairstyle, some IPL / dermaroller/ botox/ fillers etc some new threads"

IPL is good for the kinds of things you describe - a course of 6 laser rejuvenation facials won't break the bank and the results will be forever - i.e you will always look better than if you didn't have it, whereas Botox and the like do have to be redone - it deals with veins, fine lines, skin texture, collagen etc which helps with saggy and jowls and the dreaded signs of ageing.

Sounds like you just need permission to give yourself some TLC and sounds like you need a little kick up the arse. I don't think women should feel they have to do any of this stuff but if you are avoiding mirrors, there's got to be a better answer.

thenightsky Sun 19-Jun-11 21:07:17

I've considered it purely for the expensive dental work that I couldn't afford in a million years myself sad

upsylazy Sun 19-Jun-11 21:10:57

"Tatty* What is IPL?

TattyDevine Sun 19-Jun-11 21:17:11

Intense Pulsed Light.

I had it on my red veins round my nose.

Hurts like buggery but only for a split second. Sort of like a rubber band snapping

There's all sorts it can do.

I suggest you look at This website - even if they are not local to you, and even if you don't decide to do anything, it gives you an idea of what is out there. Look at the "treatments" section - give you a basic idea of what's out there and how much it costs.

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