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toddler has chickenpox... aibu to still go on holiday ?

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ditziness Sun 19-Jun-11 19:26:18

My DH and I are meant to be going on holiday on wednesday for a week for the first time without DS. DS is two and a bit. He's going to his grandparent's for a week. DH and I have had this holiday booked for over a year and have been purposefully planning for it, getting DS more and more used to going to his grandparents. He loves going to stay with them, he's been several times before for the weekend and the longest for 4 days.

He's been clingy and grumpy and off his food all weekend and tonight has a rash that's blistering :-( Not 100% sure it's chicken pox yet, but my friend's baby has it and we saw her two weeks ago...

Advice? :-(

bubblecoral Sun 19-Jun-11 19:28:48

He might be feeling much better by Wednesday, my two only had one or two days of feeling horrible with chicken pox.

You don't have to make this descision just yet. How far away are you going to be?

pud1 Sun 19-Jun-11 19:30:29

i have just sent my dd1 ( 3 years) and dd2 ( 22 months) on holiday to portugal with MIL and FIL. they got chicken pox the week before they went and they were scabbed and most spots had gone. they were fine after about 3 days of spots. i would say that if they are scabed and not causing him any problems then go.

LIZS Sun 19-Jun-11 19:31:39

see how he is if he develops it. Sometimes they can be miserable and quite unwell, otherwise ok ish. When you say he has a rash , cp is more like individual spots which turn white headed. Do you have insurance for the holiday although not sure they necessarily pay out if he wasn't due to travel.

ditziness Sun 19-Jun-11 19:45:57

We're going to be in britain still, about 4 hours away if we were to fly.

It's small bumpy red spots in clusters so far on his legs and chest and back. One on his knee has delevoped a white head.

We could probably get some of the money back on insurance, half maybe?

Great to hear advice from folk who've experienced their kids having chickenpox. My immediate thought was there is no option than to not go. would feel awful for him and feel like a terrible mother.

But would be utterly gutted too...

Can you get it twice too? I've been feeling crappy all weekend too. Aches, tired, nauseous, no appetite.

BluddyMoFo Sun 19-Jun-11 19:47:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ditziness Sun 19-Jun-11 19:48:21

They are happy to have him even if he's ill. Bless them.

ditziness Mon 20-Jun-11 17:37:00

Well I don't think it's chickenpox, no more blisters, just one on his knee.

He's incredibly clingy though, I'm a bit worried about leaving him. He's always been fine before, but he's really panicking if I go out the room for a second. Yesterday DH took him to the park, and apparently he spent the whole time shouting for me. And this morning he went to play group for an hour with a friend and her daughter spent and spent the whole time asking for me. He's never been like this before.

I've been talking about our holiday and him going to his granparents around him. I think it must be affecting him more than I thought.

Any advice?

Insomnia11 Mon 20-Jun-11 17:58:58

I went to Venice for 4 days with friends (woo hoo) when DD1 was recovering from chickenpox- she was well by then in herself though. Just see how he is before you go and discuss it with GPs, obviously you feel comfortable enough to leave him for a whole week with GPs in general.

Insomnia11 Mon 20-Jun-11 18:02:03

Oh I see...tricky one. I do think it is quite a long time for both his parents to be away at that age, but every child is different. We've done long weekends but leaving anything longer than that until say DD2 is DD1's age now (5). Our friends definitely left their daughter with GPs for a week when she was 2/3 though and she was fine.

Northernlurker Mon 20-Jun-11 18:05:52

I think it is quite a long time to be away but as far as CP goes I'm sure he'll be fine. As long as the granparents are up for it then go fo it. I would be more hesitent if you were going abroad tbh but still in the UK is a different matter.

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