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To not be at all happy about this.

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Freddiesfling Sun 19-Jun-11 16:59:00

Hi all I would really appreciate some advice here.
I have a 3 year old son who has a couple of close friends- I am also friends with these childrens mothers, have been for a long time some since childhood and we do a lot together with the children
However for some reason one of the childrens mums has been particularly snappy and quick to tell off the other children without seemingly noticing her own childs faults. Her child is a quiet little girl but one who has constant long lasting tantrums and likes to control everyone around her including her friends which the other children have began to object to and rebel against although not in a unkind way.

I am a bit fed up of her commenting about our children picking on her child, our children being a bad influence on her DD and only the other day she practically accused my 3 year old of sexually molesting her DD as all the kids got naked in the garden and according to her, her DD would never had done so without force!!
She also does things like making promises to our children that she has no intention of sticking to and making a point of trying to outdo us if we ever get our children new things for something like their birthdays by getting her child something bigger and better the next day.

Also it seems she doesnt care who she upsets in order to give her daughter exactly what she wants for example last week her daughter refused to eat the sandwich she had bought her so she swapped it for another childs sandwich without asking the child or her mother and the sandwich that she gave the other child was one that child didnt even like.
I am not being blind to my child faults but he is a good little boy who I often get complemented about although obviously hes not perfect by any means but in my opinion hes a lot better behaved than her DD.

I am unsure what to do as in the past she has been a very good friend but since having her 5 month old DS her behaviour has been erratic and strange and I suspect maybe she is depressed which would explain her behaviour.

Do I say something or offer her support/help which may not be taken as it is intended as she gets very defensive when anyone asks how she is/offers advice or do I do nothing- the thing is I have noticed that people have began to avoid her and her child. Please help.

sue30 Sun 19-Jun-11 17:04:18

Mybe something els is going on, money relationship issues.Maybe just struggling to cope with two children. Would you sit down with her just you two and calmly ask her if there is something going on and tell her you will help her if you can??

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