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Happy fathers day!

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Pumpernickel10 Sun 19-Jun-11 10:17:58

What you done for your dad/DH?
Dad as some toffee and aftershave balm and is coming for Sunday dinner and DH as had a toblerone from DD

cauchemar Sun 19-Jun-11 10:26:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

strandedbear Sun 19-Jun-11 10:53:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SmethwickBelle Sun 19-Jun-11 10:58:08

DH got cards, pic of the boys in a frame and an airfix kit, he got bagels in bed and is off for a bike ride.

When he gets back it will be back to business as usual!

My dad got a card, I normally get him a bottle of something but just been too busy to get around to it.

NotJustKangaskhan Sun 19-Jun-11 11:29:05

My DH got a lie-in, breakfast brought up to him, two cards because the older two wouldn't agree and they were both sweet, and a game from my 6 year old (who proudly declared that the game was "all his idea, of course" which gave us all a good laugh).

He's now putting the baby down for a nap. After her nap, if the weather remains nice, we'll go to the park. And we're having takeaway for dinner so he doesn't have to cook and his kitchen remains somewhat clean.

AuntiePickleBottom Sun 19-Jun-11 11:32:07

my dad has a card and a glass, dc father has 2 cards, a notebook, pen and some slippers he is also still in bed.
later on the DC are helping me do a tea party

mummytigger Sun 19-Jun-11 11:35:43

My DP have been given a card from "Me & Bump" with a lovely paragraph in it about how I think he's going to be an amazing dad. I also sprayed a little bit of my perfume on there, and we're going to spend all day in bed relaxing. Maybe pop out for lunch somewhere (his choice) and then back to bed! God knows, it'll be the only Fathers Day we spend in bed - due in 4 weeks!

JuicyLips Sun 19-Jun-11 11:37:10

Dh is at work at the moment but will be getting a card from the dc later. I only got the card that ds made me for mothers day and we went for a meal out with mil and s-fil, so will make him a nice meal later but we are going to see fil later with his card so wont be able to go out, but I know he'll be happy with that.

GrimmaTheNome Sun 19-Jun-11 11:40:41

DH needed to go down south to deal with things at his mother's house (she's in hospital, about to go into nursing home). Today was the best time for him to go.

So what DD did for DH was the best thing she could - she proposed that we defer celebrations till next weekend, gave him a card and big kiss before he left, and is now making more cards! smile

Blatherskite Sun 19-Jun-11 11:46:12

I haven't seen my abusive twunt of a sperm donor for 15 years so he got nothing.

DH made me promise I wouldn't spend any money on gifts after spending 5k this week on having the windows done so I recreated "Guess How Much I Love You" with photos of the children instead. DS made a card at Pre school and DD scribbled him one at home with me. He's had Pancakes and Orange juice for breakfast and I'm going to make his favourite Prawn Spaghetti for Dinner with Chocolate puds and ice cream for dessert. He's even got some Guinness and M&Ms to snack on when they've gone to bed smile

I'd have been such a Daddy's Girl given the chance

boohoohoo Sun 19-Jun-11 11:47:03

Aw my poor DH has had nothingyet, not even a lie in and I got the breakfast in bed, our 2yo decided to get up at 4.00 fir some bizarre reason so I got up with him after going to bed at 1.00, Dh got up at 8.30 to let me have some sleep and he's now rushed out of the house to help my brother move home. On top he's also gad a call from his Sis to say his mother has had a panic attack and is very depressed (she lives 200 miles away and it's all a bit complicated).

We have cards, a cake being made and a little present for him when he gets back. He really is a super dad and husband and I feel really sorry for him today, he hasn't moaned once - bless.

OurPlanetNeptune Sun 19-Jun-11 12:05:58

The Mother's Day and Father's Day thing is a bit of a mystery to us. Our boys will always make a card and write something special in it on Mother and Father's day because they want to but they do not buy cards.

Unofficially every Saturday is a Mother's day as I get a lie-in and flowers picked from the garden and breakfast made for me by my DH and our sons and I do NOTHING around the house all day. I get random presents throughout the year from them. DH will get something special from me and the boys once a week. Last week the boys wrote a poem and 'performed' it for him after he returned from a business trip. We really don't buy into the whole commercialising what should be appreciated every day. I do not need a Hallmark card to tell me my DH and our sons adore and appreciate me. My husband and I honour each other all the time.

People think we are weird.

Hulababy Sun 19-Jun-11 12:25:21

Got my dad some aftershave. Mind you it was soupposed to have been delivered in time, but they missed the post so he so far has a red RM card instead.

DH got a PS3 cricket game.

Hulababy Sun 19-Jun-11 12:27:07

DH didn't get a lie in, though he did get to pend some fab time with DD. It was the school's Dads and Daughter's camping weekend, so they headed over yesterday lunchtime and arrived back here about 11ish. DH is not a camper, and it rained almost constantly, but according to DD it was amazing - I think the dad's were way more relaxed than the mums would have been so the girls ran wild outside in the rain!

AmazingBouncingFerret Sun 19-Jun-11 12:33:17

DH got a lie in, cup of tea and paracetamol for his minor hangover brought upstairs to him. grin

Kids then gave him his cards and the present of aftershave wrapped in a page ripped out of SFX magazine because I forgot to buy wrapping paper. He was impressed with it though because it had pictures of the Thundercats on it.

My Dad has got a card, a little garden trug for picking his home grown fruit and vegetables, a bottle of Whyte and Mackay and a box of Jelly babies!

CheerfulYank Sun 19-Jun-11 12:39:35

I'm just going to call my dad and will give him a card and gift the next time I see him.

For DH I got this book ; he'll totally love it! Geekery and doing things with DS are his favorite past times, so... smile I also had a card printed with a picture of him and DS. He'll also get a lie in and breakfast in bed.

Clytaemnestra Sun 19-Jun-11 12:46:29

DH got a card from DD which she chose, one she made at nursery, a little spaceform glass ornament DD also chose (She's only 20 months, but they're both covered in brightly coloured spots and DD has a Mr.Tumble fetish) and a coaster which says "Daddy Cool"

My Dad doesn't believe in father's day and makes sniffy remarks about made up holidays. I'll send him an ecard regardless though.

Andrewofgg Sun 19-Jun-11 20:47:07

I got nothing . . .

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