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To wonder what is the strangest experience you have ever had?

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givingoffsparks Sat 18-Jun-11 18:51:17

I think I saw a fairy once. Just wondered what your experiences were.

LadyThumb Sat 18-Jun-11 18:53:09

The strangest experience I ever had was a drunken bastard with a loaded shotgun shoving it into my face and threatening to blow my head off. Is that strange enough??!!

drivemecrazy63 Sat 18-Jun-11 18:54:31

ive seen god ....oh sorry i mean MIL

pollyblue Sat 18-Jun-11 19:00:29

Good grief LadyThumb I don't think I could top that.....

atswimtwolengths Sat 18-Jun-11 19:09:57

That is very strange, LadyThumb. Who was it? When did it happen?

wrongdecade Sat 18-Jun-11 19:19:29

the most strange one has to be

I was in spain about 7 and we were in a big park about 1am with my mum
out of this maze peddled a boy no more than 3 pitch black on a trike all alone...or so we thought.
my mum asked him where were his parents he said he was not with his parents but a firend , she asked who, he pointed into the make where the tall shadow of a man was skinny, the boy was beckoning him to come out the man shook his head and wouldn't move its was so dark you couldnt see his face.The man signalled the boy to come along with his hand and he peddled off inot the maze into complete darkness.

at that age I didn't know anything about predators but I knew in my instinct that was wierd IYSWIM always haunted me.

AmazingBouncingFerret Sat 18-Jun-11 19:22:39

Dont really have any strange experiences of my own but i'm getting on this thread so I can have a good read of everyone else's! grin

Vulgar Sat 18-Jun-11 19:26:17

sparks - tell us more about the fairy

saythatagain Sat 18-Jun-11 19:30:24

When I was confirmed many, many, many years ago, I remember when the bishop-thingy-man put his hands on my head, I felt all dizzy/peculiar. I'm not religious in the slightest. But it felt odd and not in a weird, frightening way either. This was in a packed church with all the other children getting confirmed within the the service. I'm 43 now and I was about 11 then and still remember that tingly feeling.

Psammead Sat 18-Jun-11 19:34:28

All my strangest moments were condensed into a weekend away with friends on a canal boat holiday. I wont go into detail, because it's LONG but they involved cows jumping over dry stone walls, a man with a perfumed shirt, me being missing, assumed drowned for a (very) short while, and a tunnel of horror.

It was brilliant.

Bearinthebigwoohouse Sat 18-Jun-11 19:36:20

ROFL ... I want to go away with you next time you go Psammead!

Bearinthebigwoohouse Sat 18-Jun-11 19:40:00

Waking up to find two VERY fit South African lifeguards sleeping in my mum's lounge. Grabbing my friend to sneak a look at them half out of their sleepings bags, and giggling because mum had put little hand towels out for them on the settee. Introducing them to my parents and realising I only knew one of their names grin. And my Dad being sent up the shops for tinned grapefruit.

I've actually had stranger experiences but that one makes me smile still and no-one will think I'm a weirdo.

MissVerinder Sat 18-Jun-11 19:41:41

I got stuck in a phone box when I was 12. Some numpty on a moped bashed the door in. It took 6 firemen to get me out!

Oh, and I saw a ghost at work once, with 3 other people.

Meid Sat 18-Jun-11 19:45:34

Great thread!

When I was a child I made friends with twins on holiday. I do remember thinking the twins didn't look alike but it was just a thought, it had no relevance at the time.
Years later, I met one of the twins at a social function. Straight away I recognised her. I asked her if she rememebered me as I remember her and her twin. She didn't have a clue who I was, and had never been on the holiday I described. But she did have a twin who looked nothing like her.
I am convinced there are two sets of twins out there swapped at birth and I happened to meet two of them separately.

earthpixie Sat 18-Jun-11 19:47:35

A few months after splitting up with my university boyfriend i had a job in an insurance company, a huge one. I had a lowly admin role and spent some time every day in a room which contained about 250,000 little cards with people's insurance details on (this was in the early 90s). Some of these cards were dated 18...rather than 19...!
Anyhoo, I was monumentally bored one day and decided to concentrate hard and then open any drawer at random and pick any card at random and the name on it would be meaningful to me. As I say there were many thousands of card in hundreds of drawers. I literally went up to one, opened the drawer and the name on the card was my first name (which is quite unusual) with my ex-boyfriend's surname (which is quite unusual).


We never got back together though. So it was literally a huge coincidence instead of a karnic message.

earthpixie Sat 18-Jun-11 19:48:21

karmic damnit

Islanzadi Mon 20-Jun-11 13:43:29

I got stalked by a random guy once. I stopped and confronted him. he asked if he could take a picture of me as he liked me..
I told him to fuck off.

very strange

GypsyMoth Mon 20-Jun-11 14:05:11

finding out i was perching on the very bath that Denis Neillson murdered and sawed up,his victims!!

i was quick to move.....but felt funny afterwards for ages

MotherMucca Mon 20-Jun-11 14:16:02

When i was eighteen, I fucked my boyfriend up a tree next to a railway line. We were tripping and everything was in techicolour. His knob seemed about two foot long. That was strange.

DaisyDaresYOU Mon 20-Jun-11 14:27:04

Having a finger shoved up my arse blush shock Wish i'd have known before concieving thats whats mws do before getting you stitched up

DaisyDaresYOU Mon 20-Jun-11 14:38:36

Another strange exerience.Some wierdo used to phone me a few times a day wanking.I find that incredibly weird

DaisyDaresYOU Mon 20-Jun-11 14:39:40

Strange I meant

DaisyDaresYOU Mon 20-Jun-11 14:47:04

I lucid dream nearly everynight.I find that strange.You controll your own dreams.I can even talk to my departed animals and relatives when i'm lucid.I've also had times when i've woken up and cannot move.That I hate

cakesandale Mon 20-Jun-11 14:53:06

Giving off sparks - I think I saw one too, only about 3 years ago. I was going into a wood I used to walk the dog in a lot, and a little tiny chap, all dressed in russety brown, ran across the path and disappeared into a hole at the base of a tree <waits to be hauled off in strait jacket>

messybedhead Mon 20-Jun-11 15:05:51

I have to see having been stitched back together twice by two different midwives that their fingers have never gone anywhere near there DaisyDaresYOU!

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