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To be feeling slightly unhinged - can't sleep in hospital

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Hormoneoverload Sat 18-Jun-11 04:34:28

Am 39 weeks of pg and in because baby nor staying put in one position. I know I need to be here, if my waters broke baby could die, but I just can't sleep. It's not super noisy, no crying babies, just snoring from three other ladies. So had three hours first night, a couple of hours last night and very tearful in the early hours. I am worried it'll affect my decision making faculties and make me irrational and mire worried than I already am. Think there's actually little I couldn't cope with-even though missing home other dc, trying to decide to have section or not if I could just sleep. But just as I'm dropping off, a midwife will come in to do something or there's other noise. Anyone been here? I'm frustratingly well really and all my friend's think I'm ending my pregnancy annoyingly rested! and ear plugs not working! Sorry to moan!

TanteRose Sat 18-Jun-11 04:43:08

Hiya, moan away! I was admitted to hospital at 33 weeks with my second DC, as he was threatening to make an early appearance. I was on a 24 hour drip for three weeks to stop contractions, and it was vvv boring! (this was 12 years ago)

so you have to decide whether or not to have a c-section?

am here to chat if you want [smile}

Hormoneoverload Sat 18-Jun-11 04:49:12

Yes, and it really ought to be straightforward. I think I know that's what will happen, just can't bring myself to make the decision. And don't think I should be having section just so I can sleep and go home! Especially since then I'll have a baby too! So now the birds are singing, bless them! Might have cup of tea and face the day. Is it too ridiculous to mention to midwives how little sleep I've had?

Hormoneoverload Sat 18-Jun-11 04:50:17

By the way, thank you for being there at ten to five! Hope you're okay-not sleeping either?

Icelollycraving Sat 18-Jun-11 05:01:17

Oh you poor thing,do you know what you are having? I'm due in 2 weeks.

Hormoneoverload Sat 18-Jun-11 05:10:39

No - and my gut feelings are very unreliable. Do you? How are your last couple of weeks going? The stupid thing about all this is there's a very active happy baby in there, thank goodness, and a low risk that anything might happen, but significant enough that I am here for the duration. It feels surreal. And is making me remember another time I was in hospital. That time I was really poorly but it affected my relationship with dd and I feel really sad that I'm away from her and ds again. Especially when their lives are going to change enough as it is. Right, def cup of tea time. Kind of want my face to normalise before the rest of ward surfaces-not a good look at the moment!

pirateparty Sat 18-Jun-11 05:12:24

Had to spend one measly night in at 40+1 while we/ they decided whether I should be induced (not in the end) - I didn't sleep then or later when I had to stay in after delivery. I really struggled to sleep - not sure I did at all tbh, and empathise and sympathise. Poor you - v miserable. Hope things improve and your baby is here safely soon.

Icelollycraving Sat 18-Jun-11 05:13:55

Well try to not worry too much although easier said than done! I was convinced I was going to have him early but he seems much too happy in there right now. Tea is a good idea....

sabi333 Sat 18-Jun-11 05:18:48

Are you using the ear plugs correctly? Rolling them tightly and pushing them firmly in until they expand and block all noise? (Sorry if you are, just they can be tricky if you are not used to them).

Otherwise you have my sympathies sad I can't get to sleep if there is any noise whatsoever.

Hormoneoverload Sat 18-Jun-11 05:28:46

I'm not sure I am-they do seem to pop out a bit! Did get very loud sound of my own breathing! Much better now have cup of tea. Perspective returning! Really appreciate replies-it's not the end of the world, very far from it. And I can get my feet up, even if not sleeping. Think I will mention it to midwife though.

discobeaver Sat 18-Jun-11 05:32:27

It's horrible I know how you feel. Yes tell the midwives, they might put a do not disturb notice up for a few hours?
In a bit it will be cleaners, then tea ladies, then hundreds of other people - I know they all have jobs to do but it doesn't help when you've just dropped off and they swish the curtain back to mop under the bed!
Good luck with everything!

GwendolineMaryLacey Sat 18-Jun-11 05:42:34

Yes mention it. Trying to sleep in hospital is the pits. They came to take my blood pressure at 2am the last time I was in. I was fit to be tied. Considering people are there for health reasons they pay absolutely no notice to the importance of sleep, even if you could get any in the overheated noisy wards.

You have my total sympathy. Hope everything works out well smile

Hormoneoverload Sat 18-Jun-11 05:50:42

Have just downloaded White noise app! We'll see if it helps. Both dc used to drop off to untuned radio and dh and I used to as well! Luckily I've ordered a baby that will sleep through from birth so at least the sleep dep is temporary wink mention of baby does remind me which side my bread is buttered. He/she will arrive, I will go home and in the mean time dc will survive.

FlubbaBubba Sat 18-Jun-11 05:58:47

You have my total sympathy too - I was kept in hospital from 39 weeks with #2 for exactly the same reason. When they told me baby could die, I cried like a mad woman for about 8 hrs non stop, so they put me in a single room (I think to keep me from all the sane other women!)

I turned into a total cowbag (so my charming friends who visited tell me), and apparently kept harrumphing about any woman who went into labour or started contractions because their noises were annoying to me! grin

Step away from MN though - it's far too addictive! smile Have you got crap telly you can watch? Or a book to read? Or something else that would normally help you drop off?

FlubbaBubba Sat 18-Jun-11 06:01:55

Just read your last post. Good perspective and very true. Good luck to you smile

LoveBeingAbleToNamechange Sat 18-Jun-11 06:05:54

Yes please mention it, is there any chance they could move you to a private room even if only for one night?

I had to stay in over night after dd, so not quite the same but I had less than an hours sleep the whole night and nothing to do with the babies most of the time.

Must admit I would start wondering if a csection was a good idea too!

BagofHolly Sat 18-Jun-11 06:42:38

I was in for 10 days over Christmas due to unstable lie, and remember how horrible it all was! I was roasting hot and the noise was unreal! I got by with a white noise app, a fan one of the nurses found me, and some wax earplugs from Boots, called Muffles. They cut out almost all noise and it's like being under water! Bliss! I sent H to Waitrose for a stash of nice ready meals and drinks and by the time I left I sort of missed my cubicle!
Best of luck! X

Hormoneoverload Sat 18-Jun-11 06:49:03

White noise has given me an hour of sleep! On fact woke myself up by snoring! grin

Clytaemnestra Sat 18-Jun-11 06:50:35

When I was last in hospital the old lady in the next bed snored like a monster. Lovely lovely lady (when awake) but I could have wept if she fell asleep before me. Huge honking great pig snores. smile If you're desperate and ear plugs aren't working for you, get someone to bring you in headphones (ideally the half egg shaped ones noise cancelling ones but good in ear ones also good) and play quiet classical music (or something without words). That might act as white noise enough to get you off to sleep.

Any chance of cosying up to the nurses and getting a side ward?

4 hourly obs drove me nuts as well although at least they disrupted the monster snores temporarily! smile

EttiKetti Sat 18-Jun-11 07:25:14

Total sympathy. I spent 3 wks in hospital recently. I was the youngest by about 30 years and one of the few with all my mental faculties! By day, it was almost fun, by night it was horrendous!
Really hope the white noise helps, definitely mention it to the staff xx

Hormoneoverload Sat 18-Jun-11 07:41:32

Oh, how I love mumsnet! Have clung onto sanity thanks to you lovely ladies. Am going to eat breakfast then chat to a midwife. Nothing might happen but at least they'll know. And thank you for listening. Will also ask dh to get a couple of ready meals. Bless this little one- I'll miss the limbs stretching in alien fashion. Even the midwife got distracted by guess the limb games yesterday. I think it's doing it's best-just can't get itself one way up or the other!

TigerFeet Sat 18-Jun-11 07:53:30

Oh poor you, dh had an extended stay in hospital recently and the worst aspect was the lack of sleep. Do please mention it to the midwives, you never know there may be a side room available. I hope everything goes well for you, good luck, both with the sleeping and the impending birth smile

GreenTeapot Sat 18-Jun-11 08:07:20

I've been there, it sucks! Hope you get some rest soon and good luck with the new arrival smile

Hormoneoverload Sat 18-Jun-11 08:26:06

Lovely midwife said all the right things. I'm sure there won't be a room but she was so sympathetic. Bless her. smile

follyfoot Sat 18-Jun-11 08:29:31

Oh no, poor you been there too. Get yourself some proper ear plugs pronto, they may help a bit. Perhaps from Amazon on next day delivery or from this company who are great for customer service. The 'spark plugs' I have linked to are the best I've ever tried (spot the woman married to the world's loudest snorer!). You have to roll them until they are thin then stick 'em in.

All the best to you whilst you are waiting and I hope everything goes smoothly for you and the baby smile

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