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to think this memory of infant school is a bit dodgy

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MyDogHatesMe Fri 17-Jun-11 11:01:09

I have a really strong memory from infants, when I was 5 or 6 (so about 28 years ago) of us having to do a 'Science Experiment' in class. Our teacher was a female and seemed elderly to me at the time but was probably actually in her 50s.

The experiment was to find a partner and then touch tongues with that partner. I chose my best female friend and I don't know if anyone chose a member of the opposite sex.

Looking back it seems really weird, I can't imagine why we had to do it, and everyone I tell about it looks at me like hmm. It's not a false memory by the way - I know it definitely happened!

Did any teachers ever make you do anything like this?

LineRunner Fri 17-Jun-11 11:07:38

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

itisnearlysummer Fri 17-Jun-11 11:07:55

Um, no... How do you know it definitely happened?

What on earth would the experiment have been?

MyDogHatesMe Fri 17-Jun-11 11:09:40

I think we might have had to describe the taste confused

Maybe it was something that just happened in the 80s and was then phased out!

I assure you I'm not 55 nor the other word I can't type!

BeerTricksPotter Fri 17-Jun-11 11:10:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

itisnearlysummer Fri 17-Jun-11 11:11:09

Didn't happen.

scurryfunge Fri 17-Jun-11 11:11:15

Total bullshit.

LineRunner Fri 17-Jun-11 11:13:05

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

spookshowangel Fri 17-Jun-11 11:15:53

i remember my pe teacher once telling me that my breasts looked like a pair of puppies fighting in a sack when i was running. seemed funny at the time. looking back totally inappropriate.

WanderingSheep Fri 17-Jun-11 11:32:00

Really, SpookshowAngel? shock I would have been mortified if someone had said that to be as a teen!

WanderingSheep Fri 17-Jun-11 11:33:03


navyblueknickers Fri 17-Jun-11 11:34:12

Could it have been to do with electrical current? Can you remember touching something else with your hand at the same time? i.e. one of you touching a battery and the other a bulb?

Either that, or the teacher was the paedo!

itisnearlysummer Fri 17-Jun-11 11:35:07

I really hope linerunner isn't right if people are going to start telling stories that!

valiumredhead Fri 17-Jun-11 11:35:42

Why wouldn't it have happened? We had a PE teacher at primary school(1970's) who used to take us up to the 'far field' and make all the girls take of their tops 'as we would get too hot' shock when we ran. we were about 9 at the time and some of the girls had started to develop. Horrible.

zeolite Fri 17-Jun-11 11:35:53

Linerunner has a good point.

TechLovingDad Fri 17-Jun-11 11:36:39

My music teacher used to talk to us all about sex and masturbation which, to a class of 13 year olds, was hilarious.

Obviously now it sounds really dodgy.

valiumredhead Fri 17-Jun-11 11:37:28

Actually my whole primary education seems dodgy looking back on it!

PuzzleRocks Fri 17-Jun-11 11:37:30

I'm with LineRunner

scurryfunge Fri 17-Jun-11 11:38:01

You are feeding the OP's fantasies here people.

Glitterknickaz Fri 17-Jun-11 11:38:40

That's nothing. In infant school after swimming (they had an outdoor pool) one of the teachers used to make you get out, take off your swimming costume and run NAKED around the school field in view of the entire school to dry off.

I swear that's true.

TechLovingDad Fri 17-Jun-11 11:39:47

Should we report the thread and poster?

Glitterknickaz Fri 17-Jun-11 11:39:56

Have you spuffed yet, OP?

LineRunner Fri 17-Jun-11 11:40:38

My point is, to be blunt, that you are providing masturbatory material about children being targeted by nonces to not just the OP but to any pervert who chances upon this thread.

Actually it's probably being relayed directly to as I type.

porcamiseria Fri 17-Jun-11 11:41:34

countless shit! i do remeber that the I got the MOST male attention was as a 14 year old busty teen in school uniform, bleugggggh

TechLovingDad Fri 17-Jun-11 11:41:42

OK, how do I report a thread?

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