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to wonder what other uses you put your MOONCUP to?

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StealthPolarBear Thu 16-Jun-11 13:04:57

Ironically I thought about starting this thread as I put my mooncup away after cleaning earlier but then Aitch pretty much requested one.

So...what else can you/do you use your mooncup for?
I thought it would make an excllent little bowl for passing round nuts or sweets.

LadyThumb Fri 17-Jun-11 17:28:59

You could use it to make a miniature flower arrangement for a Flower Show!

somethingwitty82 Fri 17-Jun-11 18:40:48

I vote ive cream cone, cones are rubbish Im only interested in the ice cream tho could put a chewing gum in the bottom like a hi-ball

Lol, I peed a` little

"I have 2.

The hamster uses them to scale glass building before breaking and entering bank vaults.

<<adjusts John Lewis throw to cover swagbag in corner of living room>>"

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