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to ask that the music lessons rota is changed next year

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elphabadefiesgravity Thu 16-Jun-11 10:23:57

Dd has piano lessons at school. It is on a rota system and the children are taken by a TA up to the high school which is across the road and up a path next to a public playground, they are taken back to the junior school after their lesson.

I found out from her last week that children who have the last scheduled lesson of the day are not taken back to school by the TA but make their own way back. This is form Year 4 onwards. I was a bit 0) at that to begin with but thought OK it only happens once or twice a term she will be OK.

However on Monday I heard some parents talking about their children having been a bit freaked out by a man hanging around as they were being taken to swimming. They admitted it might have been someone innocently waiting for a valid reason or whatever.

On Tuesday there was a police car parked on the grass next to the public playground. I assumed it was becasue of this but when I took dd to ballet a girl from the high school told me that some of the girls had been attacked by what she described as CHAVS though I prefer not to use that phrase. It had happened on more than one occasions.

Its pupils have in the past been targeted by certain people from other schools partly becasue it is an independent school. In fact the new high school uniform has no school badge on as some children had been having problems in town and on public transport. The junior school however does ave the school name/logo on.

Dd is not on the rota last now for the rest of the term and I know what a nightmare it is to sort out such rotas (dh was a peripatetic music teacher in schools) so that GCSE/A level kids have their lessons at lunchtime and no-one repeatedly misses the same lesson etc.

Am I being a bit precious in saying that I am not happy with dd going back to school unaccompanied?

Reallyneedajob Thu 16-Jun-11 10:36:21

No, i'm a teacher and I would understand parents being unhappy about this. I think you should make an appointment with the head and explain why you think the children should be accompanied, with the reasons given here.

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