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To want my dinner!!

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Paintinmyhair Wed 15-Jun-11 19:12:14

Dp picked dd up from after school club, as he is a poppet. Dd refused to get on the bike carrier to go home. He has made her walk for over an hour and twenty minutes, and they are still going. He will not let me go and get her in the car "because she will have won." She had a late night last night so is tired and ratty, I don't get why he didn't just put her on the bike and go. AIBU to get in the car and overrule him?

thisisyesterday Wed 15-Jun-11 19:15:04

i think you should call him and tell him he either puts her on the bike and gets them both home or you WILL come and get them in the car.

she surely needs to get to bed anyway?

cjel Wed 15-Jun-11 19:15:53

Could you try and ask if he could ask her now if she wants to get on the bike?

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