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To be annoyed to take my own rubbish to the tip...

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whereiswally Wed 15-Jun-11 14:50:24

4 weeks worth of binbags including dirty nappies and weekly contents of the rabbit cage!!! including all the usual smelly crap. Its stunk my car out! All because the bin men have been on strike for 4 weeks. Such a PITA!!!!

I do feel sorry for them for having a pay cut, but its a sign of the times, and my dh has been facing redundancy for 6 months and we are grateful for every week he is still in work, not to mention my bil who has been unemployed for a long time and struggles to find work. My pil own a local business and haven't been able to pay themselves for a long time and are likely to go bankrupt, as are we if interest rates go up and dh loses his job!

I cannot help but think that should be lucky to have a job in this economical climate !
Rant over ! AIBU?

SenoritaViva Wed 15-Jun-11 15:03:55

YANBU as you (presumably!!!) pay council tax and this contributes to this service. But YABU to have waited four weeks before going!!! Sorry you're having to put up with it though.

whereiswally Wed 15-Jun-11 15:48:05

I do indeed. I know four weeks is a long time, but every week I think they might come. Seriously our rubbish is nothing compared to some in our area some people front gardens look like the tip, I took it today because needed to cut the grass and obviously it stunk!! but now my car does too!!!!!!!!

bubblecoral Wed 15-Jun-11 16:01:04


4 weeks strike is just too long. They are selfish twats.

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