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to expect a reply

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border1 Wed 15-Jun-11 12:19:11

I have a friend who has moved to the opposite end of the country so we haven't had much contact over the last couple of years. Ever so often I do get a round robin type email. I alwys send a personal reply. However, I rarely get a response from these. (even when I divulge some pretty heavy stuff in them eg miscarriage etc)
AIBU to a expect a reply and b, to think this person is no longer a friend if they don't reply.

Insomnia11 Wed 15-Jun-11 12:22:58

I wouldn't expect an immediate reply (sometimes it takes me a while to properly think out a response to a heavy e-mail, and I'd probably also set aside a time to phone a friend too) but yes it is reasonable to expect a reply!

I wouldn't do anything formal but just stop replying to the round robins and see if they get in touch again.

Scholes34 Wed 15-Jun-11 12:33:05

I used to get a tedious round robin every Christmas from someone I knew in a previous life. A few years ago I responded with an over-the-top-in-tedium round robin (but just for her, so not really a round robin) about how well my DCs were doing (she has none), every holiday and day out I'd had that year and how marvellous my various neighbours are. She's gone very quiet now and the round robins are no longer forthcoming.

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