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the word is TEXTS, not TEXTSES!!!

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vmcd28 Tue 14-Jun-11 23:42:37

I'm hearing this more and more. On tv, radio, pals etc etc. Drives me mad.

And don't even start me on breakfastses.

sungirltan Tue 14-Jun-11 23:51:50

yanbu!! its the expression 'gotten' thats driving me up the wall at present. i told dh if he used it again i would divorce him.

thegruffalosma Tue 14-Jun-11 23:52:30

I've only ever heard it on Jezza Kyle.

ilovesooty Wed 15-Jun-11 00:00:36

Don't like "gotten". Nor do I care for "She just text". Surely the verb to text has a past tense?

NettoSuperstar Wed 15-Jun-11 00:05:54

My friend says Texes. I piss her off by asking why she's randomly talking about a US stategrin

theinet Wed 15-Jun-11 00:14:12

saying "gotten" is so "on trend" at the moment. It makes me cringe.

GinSlinger Wed 15-Jun-11 07:41:22

yes and don't get me started on 'on trend' grin

Bubbaluv Wed 15-Jun-11 07:53:05

How is "gotten" being used that is so irritating?
Can't say I hear it too often round here.
Text as a past tense, though, drives me nuts!

AgentProvocateur Wed 15-Jun-11 08:16:16

My colleague talks about her "boyses dad". Makes me shudder.

JamieAgain Wed 15-Jun-11 08:17:36

Yes, to be fair, I've only ever heard it on Jeremy Kyle, and the people on there are not really brains of Britain

pointissima Wed 15-Jun-11 08:27:16

The noun is "text message".
The verb is "to send a text message"
Using "To text" as a verb is ghastly.

But I am a very old pedant

LadyClariceCannockMonty Wed 15-Jun-11 08:32:19

Haven't heard 'textses' in RL and find it very confused.

I don't mind 'to text' as in 'I'll text her in a minute' and use it myself.

But 'text' as the past tense is INFURIATING. Get it right, fer Chrissakes!!

Trills Wed 15-Jun-11 09:10:35

Gotten is a perfectly sensible word.

You use "forgot" and "forgotten", don't you?

vmcd28 Wed 15-Jun-11 09:31:41

AgentProvocateur, that's ridiculous - boyses!

Trills, afaik, gotten is ONLY actually a recognised word when it is used in the term "Ill-gotten". Gotten on its own isn't a word at all. Forgotten, however, is - they're two different words smile

LadyClariceCannockMonty Wed 15-Jun-11 09:45:36

Well, gotten is just a version of 'got' that's turned into an archaism here but is alive and well in American English. So in a weird way Americans speak 'better' or at least older and more traditional English than speakers of British English.

Sorry, will sling my hook to Pedants Corner.

itisnearlysummer Wed 15-Jun-11 09:45:52

"gotten" is an Americanism, it's not in the 'English' language.

My brother has started using it.

It's really irritating!

itisnearlysummer Wed 15-Jun-11 09:46:37

ladyclarice ooh well you learn something new every day!

GabbyLoggon Wed 15-Jun-11 10:26:32

yep some things do irritate. I have done "have you had your invite?" before.But we need all sorts on MN

slowshow Wed 15-Jun-11 10:51:52

YES! I thought it was just me. It really, really makes me cringe.

Having said that, thegruffalosma is right - I've only ever heard it on Jezza Kyle. Example dialogue:

"A texed me and said that B was sleeping with C and D ain't the father!"
"I've got the texes on my phone as proof! Loads of texes!"


quirrelquarrel Wed 15-Jun-11 16:16:37

Ooh this is a tagent of my own particular bugbear, which is when people abbreviate names like Rebecca to "Bexs". It's just "Bex". No 's' needed! Or otherwise they need an apostrophe.

I use "gotten" all the time. Sometimes I could avoid it, but it's natural now. No big deal.

quirrelquarrel Wed 15-Jun-11 16:17:23

LOL at "we need all sorts on MN".

How gracious of you! grin

MindyMacready Wed 15-Jun-11 16:20:26

what is wrong with using the word "Become" not bleedin' gotten

quirrelquarrel Wed 15-Jun-11 16:26:22

What's so wrong with using poor old "gotten"?
I use them interchangeably, I think. Sounds like one of the things my parents used to correct me on when I was little- they'd learnt English grammar up all the way, so they were Chief Pedants.

TrillianAstra Wed 15-Jun-11 16:35:16


microfight Wed 15-Jun-11 16:37:44

And when did a series become a season? Tell me that! grin

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