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Aibu to want to shake some sense into these people?

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Sorryaboutthenamechange Tue 14-Jun-11 20:11:29

It's just a rant really.

Dh lost all of his overtime a while back due to cuts at work, we really started to struggle and was getting deeper and deeper in debt, our only option was to go bankrupt. Which happened last aug.

We are in the middle of a mortgage rescue scheme, basically the 2nd charge on our house are being a pita, there will be a little short fall, not much about 10%. They want to go for repossession on our house beacause they won't get all of the money we owe, this has been going on since oct last year when the mrs made an offer to them, our mortgage company accepted their offer straight away.

What I don't understand is if the house gets repossessed the 2nd charge won't get a penny because the house will sell for much less at acution. Plus all the court charges etc.

Aibu to want to knock some sense into these people, don't they understand they will get most of their money if they take our offer.

Thankfully the judge dealing with our case seems to be on our side and keeps ajourning the case to hopefully make the 2nd charge realize they won't get a penny if they go for repossession.
Sorry this is long but it's been going on for months now, dh and I are so stressed, it's affecting our marriage now. We have young dcs to think about aswell, we just want to know if were going to lose our home or not.

MissCurious Tue 14-Jun-11 20:50:35

I always find a back up plan helps in times like this. My cousin nearly lost her flat (she's on her own with her daughter - now 6yrs) her back up plan was simple have a temporary place to stay while you sort out short term rented accomodation as a roof over your head while you plan your next move. As it turned out she didn't need her back up plan but it gave her peace of mind and helped her focus on saving her place. Have you spoken to your counceller (sorry about the spelling) about what is happening? can you not get one of those "holiday" in payments that people get? What about going interest only until you get back on your feet?

darleneoconnor Tue 14-Jun-11 21:28:17

Are you in touch with Shelter and CAB re: this?

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