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to wish my neighbour's knew the day of the week?!

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JandT Tue 14-Jun-11 18:54:49

They always argue on a Saturday, sometimes Sunday too. It's not too good as DS aged 10 has been known to copy what they say and worse (to me) the aggressive tone they use. DS aged 11 months sometimes gets upset at the same time and we don't know if it's linked. They also have a 14 month old DD who we never know where she is (we assume it's set around nap time as we never hear her).

The good thing about it being weekends is we're often out and if they start (it can go for anything from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, normally ends with one of them driving off and sometimes continues later) we can 'pop to the shops' and the DC don't know much about it.

They've just started which means DS1 will start thinking about it again (we've heard him telling DS2 not to worry Mummy and Daddy will never argue like that) and DS2 will hear it as he goes to sleep.


WowOoo Tue 14-Jun-11 18:58:05

How horrible for you to have to listen to that. It makes me feel stressed when i hear others' arguments.
Put some nice music on a bit loudly?!

Mine actually doesn't know the day or time (she's very old) and comes around to ask what day/time it is at all hours. i.e. 11pm, 6am etc. Bless her ..ish.

Flisspaps Tue 14-Jun-11 18:58:40

If it's particularly bad, call the police and say there is a disturbance next door. If there is a child in the house and this is a regular occurrence, then it's not going to be doing her any good - she might just be so used to the shouting that she doesn't really 'notice' it any more IYSWIM. The odd row is normal, weekly aggressive arguments that the neighbours can hear is not.

The police turning up on their doorstep to ensure everything is ok might make them think about what they're doing, and next door won't know which of the neighbours has called.

JandT Tue 14-Jun-11 19:42:02

Next door would assume it was us as the other side aren't joined and from having gone into the garden during their fights, you can't really hear it outside. Plus we've had 'problems' with them in the past.

The fighting has been happening since we moved in two years ago so went through her pregnancy and beyond. It's never bad enough that we've had a reason to call the police or worry about their daughter's safety, just her future sanity. She'll be in the same class to DS at the local school unless they move. Sometimes it sounds like they're in each others face but never that anything violent happens, just horrible none the less. They have friends over (often just after the arguement) and it's all happiness and laughs from next door then.

A while ago their other neighbours put a up a For Sale sign and I got my hopes up!

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