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to be seriously p'd off with car insurance quotes?

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maxpower Tue 14-Jun-11 14:25:25

DH bought a second hand banger last year just for getting to/from work. He uses his significant number of NCB years to reduce the cost of our main car insurance, so when he tried to get insured without any NCB on the second car last year, he was quoted over £1000 shock. I didn't have any NCB years as I've always been insured on his policy as a named driver, but on the off chance, I applied for insurance and got cover for around £350.

I've just had the renewal through for this year and am being quoted £657!!! angry I've been through the comparison sites and got it down to £525 but still, the bloody car's only worth about £1300. What I really don't understand is that we renewed the insurance on our main car (which is half the age of DH's one and is driven twice as much) 2 months ago for £375 - how can insurers possibly work out that an older, less expensive car, driven around less, by drivers with more NCBs than last year is a bigger risk to them?

Oh, and why do your current insurers quote you one renewal price and then when you go through a price comparison site, quote you less?? They're scoundrels, just hoping that people are too busy or lazy and will just pay up! Bastards!!!!!

Mytholmroyd Tue 14-Jun-11 15:34:10

Yep - I agree - just had two days of phone calls with ours because they are putting mine up midterm (and my husband and daughters because I am a named driver on their policies) although I have full and protected no claims because my previous insurance company have finally decided after a year that they cannot recoup the cost of my previous car which was stolen from the locked compound at the garage where it was being fixed. Absolutely nothing to do with me but now apparently I am more likely to claim again!

How this makes me a worse driver i cannot see - nor can I understand how they can put premiums up after quoting me a price (knowing about the stolen car). Basically they just do want they want. I think its quite dishonest though to quote, take the business and then turn round and ask for more money. Actually, they didnt ask, they just helped themselves to my bank account! angry

But I have had similar experiences with an older car (Honda) being far more expensive to insure than a brand new one (Skoda). Cant understand it - then engine is bigger in the skoda! confused

maxpower Tue 14-Jun-11 18:38:42

angry for you mytholmroyd - it's outrageous to effectively hold you responsible for the loss - surely it's an issue for the garage insurer's to pay for. And to take more money...... shock I'm becoming more and more sympathetic to people who don't bother to get insurance, although in the long run that just costs the rest of us more.....

maxpower Tue 14-Jun-11 18:39:32

oh, I should have added to my initial post - both cars are exactly the same make and model - just one's 5 years older than the other!!!!

zipzap Wed 15-Jun-11 00:56:46

we had this recently - we had been with admiral on their double car policy and it was much cheaper last year.

this year it was more than double the previous year hmm . And like you, we had had a no fault claim - somebody had reversed into dh while he was driving out of a car park, other person accepted full responsibility from the start (old bloke who couldn't turn his head to check if anything coming so he checked before getting into the car and assumed it would still be clear when he drove off a minute or two later hmm) - we were also told that it mean we were were more likely to have another accident...

went through a couple of price comparison sites and they still came up reasonably expensive. in the end we insured the two cars separately with different companies this year - we didn't go for the absolute cheapest that we hadn't heard of but the cheapest of the known names so we ended up saving nearly £800 shock - and would have been nearly £1000 if we had gone for the absolute cheapest.

I rang up admiral to cancel our policy and the woman tried to talk me into staying with them - amazingly when I told her what I was paying she could almost have matched it - I told her that if they had put even a halfway decent figure on teh quote then I would have rung them up to see if they would have matched the better quotes i got but as they were so far out and the comparison sites were too I didn't bother. Their own fault they lost a sale...

good thing about the multicar thing was though that you could use more of your ncb as they were prepared to take you being driver on other insurance for some of it. some other people will too - but sometimes you need to ring up and ask a broker as they will be able to tell you this sort of stuff straight off.

Our house insurance also doubled from last year - managed to get it down to less and to better cover just by looking around on comparison sites. Couple of weeks later I was in a bank and they were doing an insurance promo - they would have given me an even better price for a very reasonable cover (not quite as good as I have now which has some unlimited things in it, but limits were pretty high) but it wasn't worth the hassle of switching. however i would definitely call them next time I needed a quote and tell them the lowest quote I had got from comparison sites so they might be worth checking too...

it all takes so much time though and is soul destroying typing all the stuff in though isn't it - even though you know it is worth it to save the money...

Mytholmroyd Wed 15-Jun-11 14:01:32

Sympathy gratefully received girls! Garage owner very apologetic and thought it should come out of his insurance but no, he wasnt negligent (and he wasnt I know) so I loose out. I wonder if people know this when they leave their cars to be fixed? Am doubly angry angry angry though cos it was an 18 year old Landie and part of the family and I will never get her back or be able to replace her .... sad Police no use at all.

We are with Admiral too zipzap on a multi-car policy - when I said it was outrageous and I was going to leave it they said they would then charge us a whole lot more for my husbands and daughters cars because we would loose the "discount" if I left.

When my daughter had a car accident recently they "removed" her car from the policy and lobbed another extra charge at us because we now only had two cars insured. The additional charges just keep coming. My budgeting has gone completely out of the window!

I can get all three separately insured for less than Admiral are charging is WITH the discount (this, like you, is our second year in this policy and I am bitterly regretting doing it because it just makes it so difficult to get out).

flaime Wed 15-Jun-11 14:36:51

No claims for me but have been dreading the renewal as everyone seems to be complaining about it and so I was quite shocked that mine has only gone up £1.65!!

Think I must be old and boring these days wink

vmcd28 Wed 15-Jun-11 14:38:40

but is the dearer quote not because the car is older, therefore not as safe, and will have more wear and tear, and will cost more to repair it if it is in an accident?

COCKadoodledooo Wed 15-Jun-11 14:46:11

Mine has gone up by 20% this year, simply because I'm a woman. It's shite.

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