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Can anyone advice me on where to go now reference my future?

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bloomsinjune Tue 14-Jun-11 13:55:30

My youngest dd starts school next year so I will be in a postion to do more hours,although not at the job I do now ,I currently do a four day week 3 hours a day, then all day Saturday(8),

I would like to give up my Saturday job,to spend more times with my kids and dp at the weekends ,my options are stick with the hours I do at present in a school,holidays paid for,getting a job on Friday's giving the Saturday up.

Or go full time and find a childminder to look after kids after schooland in term time?.

What would you do as Mil has offered to have kids,problem is I would have to pay her and she would have 4 kids at one time twice a week and she goes away a lot.

We also are looking to buy a house in the near future although at present I dont earn enough.

Any advice would be good I know its a long way of but I need to plan ahead.

JIRkids Tue 14-Jun-11 14:46:29

Maybe keep current hours for a bit and do a course that would lead to a more lucrative career in the future?? Maybe an open university course that you could fit around kids and work? I am thinking of doing this next year once both kids at school.

Or could you just get more hours in your week time job as everyone is desperate to find a job in a school I wouldn't let it go that easily?

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