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bipolarchick Tue 14-Jun-11 00:53:41

Not a troll or a name changer someone whose been lurking a week or two.

My 8year old son was due to attend film club after school today until 5:15pm.

AIBU to expect the school NOT to let him walk home on his own (albeit our flat is literally a minute away) without first checking someone was there (bearing in mind he was supposed to be at film club till 5:15). IF I HAD been there I probably wouldnt have been fuming as much, I wasnt I was at Bipolar school.

My 8yr old Son walked 2 roads up to his childminders who wasnt there (shes at a funeral) , he then walked another 5-6minutes away across a main road (thankgod theres traffic lights) and luckily found my mum in the co-op cafe waiting for my brother who was due to come out of homework club.

My mum doesnt see theres a problem, all I keep thinking is what if he hadnt of has the brain to think of going up to the coffee shop, anything could have happened?

Am I in the wrong?

DontCallMePeanut Tue 14-Jun-11 02:02:57

YANBU if they let him leave early.

topazmcgonagall Tue 14-Jun-11 02:10:57

YANBU. The school should have contacted you to tell you film club was cancelled.

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