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to be dissapointed at service i received at GP'S

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mummaxmas Mon 13-Jun-11 17:55:45

I have just returned from the GP where im dissapointed and angry at the service i received. Im 31 weeks pregnant and i went to see him re high blood pressure and dizzy spells. Firstly i was left to wait 20 minutes before being seen(alough this is actually a fraction of the time we normally wait, longest so far was 1hour 10 min s!!!) and when i got in to his office, he took a call regarding his printer which wasn't working! surly a job for the office staff!! so me and my 2 young boys sat there waiting for him to finish his phone call, when he told my 4 y/o off for being to noisy!! i was fuming, he was only talking to me about school!! If it hadn't been for my worries about the baby i would have walked out there and then!! When he finally began, he didn't want to see my notes, took my blood pressure, which by then was through the roof, and told me to stand until it had dropped. He then went on to tell me i probably felt faint because of the hot weather and standing to long. Which would be fine if thats what i went in there for, so i reminded him i was concerned about dizzy spells 'whilst sitting down!'. He then told told me to contact my midwife to see if i was anemic and sent me on my way!?!?!?!? i feel a little miffed he did no checks on me, and im still concerned about dizzy spells and worried about pre-eclampsia, and feel he was, well completly shit really!! and now waiting for midwife to return my call to ask her what to do. really think i should change doctors and possibly complain!

MrsTwinks Mon 13-Jun-11 17:59:46

YANBU, infact I am shocked!! I would definately complain, if I were you right now I could contact the practice manager as soon as you have heard back from the midwife and ask her what the hell was going on in you being treated like that.

worraliberty Mon 13-Jun-11 18:01:02

Complain about what?

Anemia is very likely but that can't be proven until you've had a blood test which the MW will arrange (her job in the first place - not your GP)

A 20 minute wait...annoying but no big deal. If it is, then I expect going private is the only other option.

My children whisper in places like the Drs/Dentist, perhaps he's not used to particularly loud kids in his consulting room?

nokissymum Mon 13-Jun-11 18:16:15

Office staff would not be able to deal with printer problem because

Printer is in gps office and office staff may not have access to it
Usually the problem relates to something the gp is trying to print from his pc whilst logged on to the clinical system so support need to speak with him directly.

If its pre eclampsia, doesnt the midwife usually check for signs of this when you do a urine test ? I remember mine checking to make sure there is no protein in it.

Anyway, this is neither here nor there, i hope you feel better soon and enjoy your pregnancy, dont let the gp upset you too much.

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