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knittedbreast Mon 13-Jun-11 17:17:37

shit. i just asked my best friend ive ever had from years ago if she really still wants contact anymore.

wish i hadnt now.

Sn0wflake Mon 13-Jun-11 17:19:05

I take it she said 'no'?

2blessed2bstressed Mon 13-Jun-11 17:19:39

Why? I mean - why did you have to ask that? Have you drifted apart? Not seen 'em for ages?

knittedbreast Mon 13-Jun-11 17:20:02

no she said "bless you" and changed the subject.

oh well.

dickiedavisthunderthighs Mon 13-Jun-11 17:21:29

Eh? So you were actually talking when you asked?
Do you think that 'bless you' could have meant 'shut up and stop being so needy'?

kaid100 Mon 13-Jun-11 17:22:01

What made you ask the question? Also, I think the fact that she didn't really answer it probably says more than "yes" or "no" would have.

SuePurblybilt Mon 13-Jun-11 17:23:58

Is this making any sense to anyone? Please help me understand.

pumpernickel10 Mon 13-Jun-11 17:25:51

Sod her if your friend can't answer you a simple question then sod them, we can always go Xmas decoration shopping together smile

cjbartlett Mon 13-Jun-11 17:26:35

I'd leave it up to her to contact you next time
if she's truly a good friend she'll not be put off by your neediness and understand you're going through a rough time (I take it you are?)

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