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In thinking people shouldnt chuck rubbish over their fences

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sunshower Mon 13-Jun-11 07:08:30

Into my garden,just because it is a "smallholding"? Its still my garden.

There are some people who's back fence adjoins our little patch and they are constantly throwing garden waste/rubbish over the fence into ours. Its not a traditional "garden" but still...would you even think about hurling stuff over your neighbours fence?

TidyDancer Mon 13-Jun-11 07:12:37

Bloody hell, who does that?!

Have you spoken to the council? They can send out letters and put up signs.

Meglet Mon 13-Jun-11 07:24:36

Yanbu. If its the same people doing it all the time then can the council do something. I assume they're the sort of people who would have a go at you if you spoke to them directly.

sunshower Mon 13-Jun-11 07:46:24

Yes they are meglet.And the type who would phone the council if we erected a hen house or anything like that.

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