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Not wearing my engagement ring

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pumpernickel10 Sun 12-Jun-11 23:02:36

I'm not a jewellery person never have been anyway this eve DH asked me where my ring was, told him I'm not wearing its to precious to wear,silly I know but it is but I'm still wearing my wedding ring, is it wrong to take it off and only wear on special occasions. They only jewellery I wear is my wedding ring.

yummybutterbiscuit Sun 12-Jun-11 23:04:28

Im not married yet so still wear my engagement ring as its the only one so far,
but my mum only wears her wedding ring and wears her engagement only on special occasions

pumpernickel10 Sun 12-Jun-11 23:04:47

We was too poor to have an engagement ring when we did het engaged so it's something he brought 3 years ago. Lovely art deco ring, I do love it but scared to loose it and I'd love DD to own it one day.

pumpernickel10 Sun 12-Jun-11 23:05:34

Thanks yummy thought I was the only one

hatwoman Sun 12-Jun-11 23:06:47

I'm allergic to both mine - so very rarely wear them. I basically only wear them for big occasions - by big I mean weddings and funerals. both are times when I, completely irrationally, find the need for an objective reminder of my lovely dh (who is, on such occasions, sitting next to me) confused

squeakytoy Sun 12-Jun-11 23:08:42

I have been married ten years and rarely wear my wedding ring. I am not a fan of jewellery unless it is a special occasion anyway.

I am also scared of the stones falling out too as my husband bought me a beautiful antique amber ring a few years ago and the amber fell out of the setting. Luckily I found it... on the bloody road next to the car!!!!!! the next morning, but it scared me too much to wear it again.

nightowlmostly Mon 13-Jun-11 06:24:49

I think it's ok to just wear your wedding ring if you want to! Nut I'm bot sentimental about stuff like that.

My DH was fat a bit bigger when we wed, and he's not been wearing his for ages, while he gets to the weight he wants to be, whenever that is! I don't mind, each to their own. Maybe your DH is worried you don't like it or something?

AlpinePony Mon 13-Jun-11 06:51:35

I too only wear mine for special occasions, so scared of losing it.

OddBoots Mon 13-Jun-11 07:08:20

I stopped wearing both my engagement ring and my watch when ds was born as I was a bit PFBish about scratching him. I've not worn them since, I wear my wedding ring and at work I wear a fob watch.

ZonkedOut Mon 13-Jun-11 07:14:00

I don't often wear mine for various reasons, so I don't see a problem with not wearing it all the time.

I'm not sure about the "too precious" argument - if it's not loose, you're not likely to lose it.

Squeakytoy, you could get the amber reset. I have a ring from my great grandmother which was a little worn and I was worried about the stones falling out, so I took it to a jeweller and they reworked the setting so the clasps covered the stones properly, and did it in keeping with the ring itself.

ceres Mon 13-Jun-11 07:17:18

i don't see the point in having something and not using/wearing it. fair enough if you are the sort of person who doesn't like jewellery but it is a shame not to wear something in case it gets lost.

years ago dh bought me a diamond pendant for my birthday. a friend expressed shock that i wore it every day and said she would be afraid to wear it in case it got lost. i replied that if it got lost of course i would be upset, but at least i would have had the pleasure of wearing it.

AlpinePony Mon 13-Jun-11 07:22:44

Funnily enough I'm not scared of losing "new" stuff if that makes sense. My MiL has bought me a few diamonds which I wear - it's just the ring was my grandmothers and so it feels "doubly" important. confused

Bunbaker Mon 13-Jun-11 07:22:49

I don't care for rings and when OH asked me to marry him I asked him not to buy me an engagement ring. I told him I wanted a new cooker instead. I do wear a wedding ring though, just a plain 9ct gold band.

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