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to want a trouser press?

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Nevertooearlyforcake Sun 12-Jun-11 22:36:40

Ok, I gather Chris Huhne expensed one and his girlfriend called him Alan Partridge. Cool they are not. However, have just ironed three pairs of trousers for work this week, for me not one of life's more pleasurable tasks, and it got me thinking there might just be a better way. Does anyone have one - any good or are they just shit? And given that I live in a flat with two cupboards, where would it go? AIBU, is this just a reaction to laundry boredom?

PigeonPie Sun 12-Jun-11 22:40:56

DH had one for years when he wore suits for work and used it every day. It's very old (almost 20 years), but if you live near us, you'd be welcome to it!

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Sun 12-Jun-11 22:49:22

I'd love a trouser presser. It must be 6'+ tall, toned with taut rear end, able to encircle my jim-jam bottoms in a vice-like grip, and emit heat all night wink

Cupboard waiting for an efficient model.

Nevertooearlyforcake Sun 12-Jun-11 23:10:25

PigeonPie, that's very kind. I may be moving soon (to a house with no cupboards...), if you live in Scotland, I could be in touch. It's just occurred to me that pressed trews=crease down front, not sure that my trousers were designed to carry that off!
Izzy, got one of those already but have established I don't need to use it much...

PigeonPie Sun 12-Jun-11 23:22:50

Afraid we're in the south of England so can't help. But if you're ever in the area you're still welcome to it!

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Sun 12-Jun-11 23:26:57

There is an element of choice with a trouser press, Nevertooearly.

You can choose whether to have creases down the front and back of trousers, or creases down the sides of them which is not a good look.

If you don't have a trouser press, the choice is creased all over or sweat blood and tears ironing the damn things.

Nevertooearlyforcake Sun 12-Jun-11 23:43:55

Izzy, on the evidence before me I seem to have done an excellent job of combining your latter two opinions smile

TarheelMama Mon 13-Jun-11 20:42:53

My husband has one, got it about 4 years ago, and he uses it every day of the work week. Does save loads of ironing. He used to spend hours on a Sunday evening ironing for the upcoming week (I was convienently bad at ironing and happy to wear wrinkles).

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Mon 13-Jun-11 20:44:56

Is Botox for clothes available on the NHS?

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