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Justdontno Sun 12-Jun-11 15:43:51

Background - I moved back home after being away for four years...during which time I met DH and had children. I decided to move back home to be closer to family who were apparently delighted...

How to make this short reading...hmm. Long story short, I discovered last year that my sister and step mother had been talking badly about my family and I. Total slagging off, of virtually every aspect of our lives. Quite heartbreaking for me as I am a very sensitive person and actually looked up to my big sister a lot. So I decided to just not having anything to do with her, though I do to some degree with my step mother, because of my dad. Its now approaching a year of not being in contact. She has two children and recently I have got to thinking how much I want to see them and was considering inviting them to my childs birthday party coming up soon. But I still struggle with the thought of being in her company again, wondering what she will be finding to slag off some more in the future. AIBU to still feel that way after nearly a year?

Groovee Sun 12-Jun-11 15:59:54

I've not spoken to Dh's sibling and his family in nearly 2 years due to issues. I don't feel sad and have no interest in a pair who have green eyed jealousy of us. I've felt sad in the past that my dreams of us being one big family never came true but life is life and we're much more relaxed.

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