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to suggest that if you are going to start a benefits thread / education thread on MN

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Peachy Sun 12-Jun-11 10:32:52

It's best to remember that most people here are here because theyc are about children's issues. Otherwise there's a million non parenting palces we could be.

And so the random comments will not end up in locating some scrounger types to ahrass but an army of people on low incomes and coping with disability and caring responsibilities.

It is not rocket science to work this out really: the much hated 'pisses their income away' brigade will surely be in bed of a Sunday morning not osting on a parenting talkboard. Whereas the try-hards will be the ones you get.

As they say at college: consider your demographic.

And if you don't, do not be amazed when you get a flood of upset people defending themselves. Do not be astounded if random comments about some 'other' hurt feelings and mafe a bit harder for those who already have taken a bashing.

GabbyLoggon Sun 12-Jun-11 12:06:05

Yes, peachy. I think there is a lotof sense in what you say. A lot of poor bashing exists in enggland. And Camerons activities ar enot helping. We must never forget that England is a countrywitrh immense inequality.

Peachy Sun 12-Jun-11 12:07:20

Thank you gabby

I agree about England too: I am in wales and for some reason theres less of it. Maybe thougha s we're nto far from merthyr / newport etc

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