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to think that the YHA should print all reviews of their hostels good and bad?

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doodledaisy Fri 10-Jun-11 20:34:14

Submitted a review on the YHA website a week ago and it's still not up there. It said the reviews will be looked at by a moderator and then put up, am I wrong to think it's being blocked as I was less than complimentary? Fellow traveller has submitted review as well and it's also not being put up. Is it me or should companies put up all reviews, good and bad?

Ragwort Fri 10-Jun-11 20:35:38

Well, why not tell us your comments - I love YHAs - have rarely stayed in a 'bad' on. Where did you stay?

doodledaisy Fri 10-Jun-11 21:48:24

Alfriston near Seaford. Staff were terrible, so rude and really noisy, they were having a virtual disco the first night. Then they didn't want to give me breakfast for the kids, even though I'd paid for it. Manager was away - according to the reviews printed, she's brilliant, pity we missed her.
Where have you stayed that's been good?

MorticiaAddams Sat 11-Jun-11 09:08:53

I would put it on trip advisor.

MumsieNonna Sat 11-Jun-11 09:26:30

You could try Tripadvisor but be aware they vet the reviews and comments too.

Ragwort Sat 11-Jun-11 22:00:54

Sorry for late reply but all the YHAs we've stayed at have been great - even the one where they had double-booked our room - it was resolved very profesionally grin - Tenby, Whitby, Goodrich, Coniston, can't remember them all - I would write a letter of complaint to the Head office regarding your experience (or direct to the Manager of the Seaford hostel grin.

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