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Response to my complaint to radio station for those interested

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TandB Fri 10-Jun-11 12:47:11

For those who read my complaint to the local radio station about their feature on male nursery nurses, I was surprised to get a quick response. This is the response with some names/contact details removed.

"Thanks for your email regarding this mornings item on Heart Breakfast.

Firstly, let me apologies for any offence caused; this was never our intention - allow me to explain a little further.

It was indeed a delicate subject and rest assured not something I think we will be exploring again. Andy was very opinionated about the subject and we did try to present a balanced story - we spoke to the Voice Union (the union for educational professionals), a local male trainee nursery nurse, and 2 managers/owners of nurseries in the West Country. All of them had differing views, some of which indeed empathised with Andy's point of view. However we apologise if you feel it wasn't balanced.

Looking back I think Andy even agrees that in his own words "he is just an overprotective father."

With regards to the comments made about the male trainee we interviewed, he knew the comments we would be presenting beforehand, and was very happy to take part in our item. He was happy with the interview and questions asked.

Thanks for your comments and feedback, it is really helpful when we're planning future programmes. If you would like to take this matter further then please get in touch with our Programme Controller."

Fair response? Or cop-out?

mistlethrush Fri 10-Jun-11 12:49:22

Unfortunately I didn't hear the programe, but from what you wrote in your original complaint, I would have said cop out.

Good for them getting a response to you this quickly though.

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