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AIBU to invite children to DS's birthday party that I've met once or twice

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QuoththeRaven Fri 10-Jun-11 09:48:24

I have about 2 friends that have children. WIBU to invite friends of one of my friends who also have children (ive met them a few times and get on really well with, could be proper friends) to come along to a party for DS's birthday? If i didn't he would have about 3 children at his party, and i think it would be a good opportunity for me to be a bit more sociable with the other mums and help my DS have more friends. Its not about filling numbers, but i'm crap at socialising normally, and I think this could be a positive thing. The children in question are around DS's age, most of them girls, but then they're all friends, and what child doesn't like a party. Oh I don't know, it could be a little bit creepy/stalkerish/awkward

cantspel Fri 10-Jun-11 09:51:43

Invite them as it will be a positive first step in establishing a new friendship

domesticdiva Fri 10-Jun-11 09:52:07

MOre the merrier I say. I invited several of DS1's friends to his 2nd birthday and didnt know some of the mums that well. It went down really well and he had a great time being with his little friends. Its all about the birthday boy in my eyes so have fun and a glass of vino will help you get over the devastation that is your house afterwards! lol [:-)]

QuoththeRaven Fri 10-Jun-11 09:54:58

In reality though, DS will know 2 of the 10 children... is this still ok?

cantspel Fri 10-Jun-11 10:07:48

yes just make sure you arrange some games/activities which will ensure they mix

QuoththeRaven Fri 10-Jun-11 10:32:56

any suggestions of games/activities? they'll be ranging between ages 1 1/2 - 4 (actually think one girl is about 7)

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