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To think that the mods are selective on whose comments they delete

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chicletteeth Fri 10-Jun-11 01:30:19

Just that really!

Have seen some right arsey comments along the lines of
1) you arsehole
2) you cunt

Yet a comment saying

- you are not very bright and narrow-minded

gets removed?

A bit of consistency please?

DontCallMePeanut Fri 10-Jun-11 01:31:26


piprabbit Fri 10-Jun-11 01:33:24

We don't have mods on MN.

You must be confusing us with another site.

LolaRennt Fri 10-Jun-11 01:33:33

The people who report comments are not consistans. mnhq remove whats reported

Mumcentreplus Fri 10-Jun-11 01:35:49

it's about the grassesreporters

chicletteeth Fri 10-Jun-11 01:36:25

What's the biscuit for peanut

There must be moderators (i.e MNHQ) otherwise who removes comments?

What other site must I be confusing this for?

AnnieOnAMapleLeaf Fri 10-Jun-11 01:37:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

piprabbit Fri 10-Jun-11 01:39:38

MNers themselves decided when posts need to be reporting.

MNHQ doesn't routinely monitor all posts and then decide what to delete. They only look at posts that are reported by MNers.

If you are offended by something - report it. Otherwise it's a case of live and let live.

I assumed you were confusing MN with some other forum that actually uses moderators.

chicletteeth Fri 10-Jun-11 01:39:47

Probably quite true Annie

I just see the shittiest of things ever posted and nothing is done.
And aforementioned comment is deleted.

Who the fuck is offended by that?

piprabbit Fri 10-Jun-11 01:40:44

The person who reported it?

chicletteeth Fri 10-Jun-11 01:42:26

Still wanting to know why I was presented with a biscuit peanut

chicletteeth Fri 10-Jun-11 01:43:00

So does reporting in itself result in a post being removed?

Or is the content considered?

piprabbit Fri 10-Jun-11 01:44:55

I think MNHQ review each request for removal. The reporter has to explain why they think the post should be removed. MNHQ doesn't always agree - but will respond to the poster to explain why.

chicletteeth Fri 10-Jun-11 01:46:23

Ok pip, well I'll wait to hear back from yourselves later then shall I?

piprabbit Fri 10-Jun-11 01:47:49

What do you mean?
There is only one of me.
Why would you hear back from me?
I am off to bed very soon.

<confused emoticon>

chicletteeth Fri 10-Jun-11 01:50:03

You are very quick with your postings with regards to how MNHQ works.
I have made the assumption that you are (part of) MNHQ

piprabbit Fri 10-Jun-11 01:52:51

<falls off chair laughing>

No - not even MN royalty.

Just insomniac.

chicletteeth Fri 10-Jun-11 01:52:53

And if you remove a comment (real-time or otherwise) you ARE a moderator no?

chicletteeth Fri 10-Jun-11 01:53:36

p.s. not you piprabbit should have said 'one'

AnnieOnAMapleLeaf Fri 10-Jun-11 01:56:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

piprabbit Fri 10-Jun-11 01:56:38

But your OP talked about mods as though they were a separate group.

The point I am making is that you, as much as anyone else who uses MN, can report offensive posts.

If you see something offensive then report it to MNHQ. Don't start AIBU threads about why nobody else has reported it. It is your responsibility as much as any other MNer's.

Just because you can report a post - doesn't make you a moderator.

AnnieOnAMapleLeaf Fri 10-Jun-11 01:57:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chicletteeth Fri 10-Jun-11 02:01:12

No, I'm not sure it implied that they were a separate group in the way you're suggesting.
Just a group of people who, errr, well moderate I suppose.

Either real-time or two hours later, if you alter the content of a thread, you are moderating it!

Of course I can report it, and of course so can anybody else.

My point is, if a post is removed surely the post that evoked the post to be removed should be considered, and perhaps altered/deleted simultaneously?

I didn't think that reporting a post made you a moderator. Nowhere have I said that!

I'm not complaining about a post that I want removed, but rather about one that was removed!

chicletteeth Fri 10-Jun-11 02:02:36

What other sites are these then ?
That use * instead of fuck you!

Why bother

AnnieOnAMapleLeaf Fri 10-Jun-11 02:04:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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