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to be sick to death of people complaining MN aint what it used to be.

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CoffeeDodger Thu 09-Jun-11 17:09:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaxSchreck Thu 09-Jun-11 17:11:25

But it's not the same.

It used to be all green fields, don't you know?


CoffeeDodger Thu 09-Jun-11 17:14:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaxSchreck Thu 09-Jun-11 17:15:22

That's right!

And it was powered by hamsters and you had to type with a chisel.

MissVerinder Thu 09-Jun-11 17:16:15

And mobile phones were the size of a brick, and just for talking; none of this texting rubbish!

MissPenteuth Thu 09-Jun-11 17:17:33

Frankly I'm sick of people complaining about the people complaining that MN ain't what it used to be wink

worraliberty Thu 09-Jun-11 17:17:34

I've only been here 5 months and it's always been the same for me grin

AgentZigzag Thu 09-Jun-11 17:18:05

YANBU to use the word 'twatbags', although you could have squeezed a 'cock off' into it somewhere?

CoffeeDodger Thu 09-Jun-11 17:18:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BecauseImWorthIt Thu 09-Jun-11 17:18:30

But we enjoy moaning, CoffeeDodger - that's the whole point!

CoffeeDodger Thu 09-Jun-11 17:19:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaxSchreck Thu 09-Jun-11 17:23:03

I've been here since we discussed animal skins instead of Per Una and it's just as good as it ever was.

ShowOfHands Thu 09-Jun-11 17:25:04

In a general way I agree. The essence remains the same and other bits just evolve over time. But at this very moment in time, it's bloody mad. Invasions, trollery, bored GCSE students, that's 3 of the horsemen. Chuck in barbie schlepping in on a shetland pony and the Apocalypse will be upon us.

David Cameron's already risen, it's only a matter of time...

CoffeeDodger Thu 09-Jun-11 17:26:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cantstopshouting Thu 09-Jun-11 17:27:26

I love MN. grin

Especially since I'm posting from the new iPhone app.

I do remember when it was all fields though.

CoffeeDodger Thu 09-Jun-11 17:27:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hullygully Thu 09-Jun-11 17:27:58

I still don't like the sneering and snobbery that is MUCH MORE prevalent. <stubborn>.

AgentZigzag Thu 09-Jun-11 17:29:25

If the Apocalypse has a red leicester cheese toastie I'll forgive her anything SOH grin

Mutt Thu 09-Jun-11 17:29:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BecauseImWorthIt Thu 09-Jun-11 17:29:54

I agree, Hully. Thankfully I'm so busy with work at the moment hmm I think I've missed an awful lot of it.

(Although I have been stirring up trouble on Gransnet)

FriedaLivery Thu 09-Jun-11 17:30:39

ive missed it all BUT at least we can be reassured mn has been "going down hill for a good few years"

FriedaLivery Thu 09-Jun-11 17:30:59

( agreeing with mutt) its a continual theme

Itsjustafleshwound Thu 09-Jun-11 17:31:12

It is just the bad spelling, knee-jerk reactions and bigotry and downright ignorance that is getting to me at the moment!! Mumsnet is really missing the 'surreal' element ... sorry ....

So many postings should just be answered with a SWF/SIGTFY/Calm down dear sneer...

Hullygully Thu 09-Jun-11 17:31:30

<contemplates a shift to Gransnet> Are there more manners amongst our silvery brethren?

exoticfruits Thu 09-Jun-11 17:31:54

People have really sort memories!

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