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to just want some good luck for a change?

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bear1984 Thu 09-Jun-11 11:48:33

I just seem to be having the shittiest time at the moment.

I am now officially not talking to any of my family. I haven't spoken to my father or siblings in years, but now my mum is added to that list. She has basically been saying things to DD (8) about me (which you can read here), and now I don't trust her. Mum is trying to sweep this under the carpet and act like nothing is wrong and make me feel guilty for not allowing her to see DD. I don't feel guilty, just angry at her.

My DD went to see her father's family, who I haven't been with since she was less than a year old. She doesn't get on with her father, and was only there really as DD wanted to see her aunt. Ex had really upset DD over the weekend, by making a joke about her stomach (WTF?!!) and telling DD that when me and DP have children, they won't be DD's real sisters or brothers. He'll be lucky if the next time I see him, he doesn't get a black eye!!

I have just finished uni, so currently trying to get a part time job, as I am self employed, but haven't been able to focus on really getting myself out there. I have a few jobs coming up, and trying to advertise myself, but it's hard. The money I will be getting from these jobs will be going towards living costs. It's also difficult trying to get a job. I have applied for 7 and not heard back from any.

We're struggling for money. DP's pay all goes on bills and we have about £200 left afterwards to go towards food, travel etc for the rest of the month. DP has to travel into the city to work so it costs him £10 a day in travel. Also trying to find him a job that is local, but again, having the same problems as me. We get some other income, like CTC etc but it's not a lot. I currently have £70 in my bank, and £20 of that was from a friend who I will have to pay back again soon. The £70 will cover the bills I have coming out, but I will only have £5 for food to last me til next week.

My car is dead. I need a new battery which costs £80. My tax disc has just come through as well and that is due end of the month. We also have other bills that need paying off on Monday, which will make DP officially broke til this time next month. I still have DD's ballet and swimming lessons to pay for. DD's school is also asking for money for funding.

I have no friends here really. My closest friend lives nearly an hour away from me. I feel very much alone at the moment, and sick of having either really shitty people around me (i.e. family and ex) or for everything to be going wrong (i.e. car, bills and no money). I just want something good to happen! Is that too much to ask?

surfandturf Thu 09-Jun-11 11:59:35

YANBU to ask for a little luck but it seems to be that some of your problems could be lessened by making some changes yourself rather than expecting luck to sort it out for you!

Many people have money worries at the moment and are struggling to find work. If you are living so close to the breadline, I would suggest that you scrap ballet and swimming for DD (hard I know) for now and pick it up when things start to improve financially (which they will). I would rather have the money to feed my child than pay for them to do ballet! I have had to do this - you are not alone!

If your family are getting you down - try to have minimal contact with them and surround yourself with suportive friends instead. You say you 'have no friends here really' why is that? Try to make an effort with the friends you do have or go out and try to make some more.

I hope things start to look up for you soon.

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