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What else can i do to help my DH?

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Daenerys Thu 09-Jun-11 09:08:07

My DH has started a new job recently. it's not going brilliantly well but then again it IS the kind of job that takes a while getting used to.
It's quite a pressured sales role and whilst DH has done sales before this is completely different.

It just pains me to see him so up and down all the time! He knows it will probably get better and i chat to him every day about it (initiated by him - i don't want to nag him) he does tell me about his day, and i know i would probably feel dissapointed if i was him but there is also luck involved in this thing, and he's learned everything he could learn, now it's all about getting through to the right people.

He's also not eating very well and i can see he is stressed, i try and make him dinner when i can (sometimes i finish work later than him) and he has told me, he's very happy with his life at home, it's just the work side that is getting him really down.

It's a tricky one, if he has a good day, everything's brilliant. if he doesn't, he's extremely down. I tried to explain it's always gonna be good days and bad days with this kind of job, there's no okish day, so it shouldn't affect his mood in such an extreme way.

Is there anything else i can do but offer him my advice and support when he needs it? Do you think anything i do at home would improve his overall mood? it just breaks my heart to see him like this and i can't do anything about it..

GeekCool Thu 09-Jun-11 09:22:14

MY DH is in sales as well and I can understand the situation you are in, the up and down of it all.
Is his basic salary enough for you guys or is part of the pressure the commission? When DH first started he was so obsessed with his targets (an important part of the job of course) that I had to talk him down, that it's ok to not get a comission one month as we are fine etc.

Once he nails the first sale, make a big fuss. He will get there

shakey1500 Thu 09-Jun-11 09:24:28

Sounds like you're doing all you can. I'd say just carry on being empathetic, supportive on the down days and encourage him to leave work on the doorstep. Not always easy the last one granted. Hope things improve for him soon.

Daenerys Thu 09-Jun-11 09:27:01

basic salary is more than enough for us, but he's very competitive, i think he got there expecting it to be easier than it is. He wants the commission because it can literally triple his wages but i told him it's not the end of the world, we can live fine with both of us on nmw, i just want him to be a bit more...relaxed!

I did think about that, with the first sale smile

GeekCool Thu 09-Jun-11 09:29:59

MY DH is like that, unfortunately at the moment we do kind of need the commissions but he has done so well, we know by July pay we are back on top and the pressure will ease.

Nothing worse than a desperate sales person, he needs to make sure that doesn't come over to his prospects. He needs to relax a bit but stay enthusiastic.

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