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To expect driving instructors to respect other drivers

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WelliesinJune Wed 08-Jun-11 18:43:42

We live in a quiet cul-de-sac and have loads of learner drivers around our road and the adjoining avenues, which are larger but also quiet. Not a problem in itself. However today I was coming out of my road and there was a learner just sat there at the T-junction. I waited for a few minutes, after all we were all learners once, then the instructor stuck his hand out the window to waive me by. I don't see why they couldn't have made the turn and then pulled over to the side if necessary - I had my daughter with me and if another car had come round the corner we would have had a head-on collision. She has already been in one car accident. AIBU to expect driving instructors to actually pay attention to the safety of other drivers?

prettyfly1 Wed 08-Jun-11 18:47:30

YANBU but as a former learner and an incredibly nervous one at that, is it possible that the student was having a freak out and the instructor was trying to calm the situation?

squeakytoy Wed 08-Jun-11 18:47:36

If the learner has stalled, and cant get going, then I am not sure what else you could do... Presumably the instructor could see that it was clear, hence he signalled for you to go round him and pull out...

BooyHoo Wed 08-Jun-11 18:49:44

sorry OP but you didn't have to drive on when he signalled. if tehre had been an accident it was you who chose to pull out. if you weren't happy taht it was safe then you shouldn't have done it.

WelliesinJune Wed 08-Jun-11 18:59:40

Don't think he was having a freak out as they both gave me a look when I pulled around them.

He hadn't stalled. And maybe the instructor could see it was clear. Maybe not. Maybe a car could have come speeding down the road. In any case I like to make my own decisions about when/when not to pull out onto the other side of the road and drive into a blind spot - not rely on a stranger to tell me. What I did was probably against the highway code.

I could have sat there behind him indefinitely. My point is the instructor should be aware of other road users (as we all should).

Avantia Wed 08-Jun-11 19:00:51

Agree with boo hoo - he didn't make you pull out - it was your choice .

If you got stuck behind him then you may have got impatience , learner driver more frustrated and you would still be there ( and this thread wouldn't be here confused so perhaps you should have stayed put grin )

BooyHoo Wed 08-Jun-11 19:07:52

"In any case I like to make my own decisions about when/when not to pull out onto the other side of the road and drive into a blind spot "

you DID make teh decision. YOU drove the car. teh instructor jsut signalled at you to do it. you have a brain in your head. if you chose not to engage it and rely on a stranger then that's up to you but dont blame him for something you did.

i sound liek my mum but if he had told you to stick your head in teh fire would you have done it?

SuePurblybilt Wed 08-Jun-11 19:11:08

I'm having lessons at the moment and my instructor wouldnt let me go when someone 'looked' for me, let alone do it himself.

Maybe he thought you'd get narky waiting. Someone called me fucking stupid last week because they couldn't get their car past on a narrow road and didn't want to wait for me to reverse (they were closer). People are often horrid to learners, he'd probably seen it a lot.

WelliesinJune Wed 08-Jun-11 19:19:07

Erm yes I did make the decision to pull out. My point is the driving instructor shouldn't have expected me to and they should have taken responsibility for driving in a sensible and safe way, taking other road users into account.

Not horrid to learners and appreciate it is a nervous time - I was behind them waiting, they both gave me a dirty look when I pulled around them - like how dare I expect them to actually pull out at a junction?!

SuePurblybilt Wed 08-Jun-11 19:22:31

No I know you're not horrid. Next time give them evils back grin

EndoplasmicReticulum Wed 08-Jun-11 19:24:58

Wellies I understand what it's like when you are in the "learner zone". I don't live in one, but I work in one. Some days it's almost impossible to get anywhere, because the number of learners on the road is so high. And yes, I am very patient, I was a learner once etc. etc.

I sometimes think there needs to be somewhere for the absolute learners to try and get control of the car before mixing with other traffic, some of which is driven by the terminally impatient. When I learnt, we used to go up to Tesco's car park on a Sunday (I am so old, this was before supermarkets were open on a Sunday) and practice things like going in a straight line and starting without stalling.

WelliesinJune Wed 08-Jun-11 19:30:48

I don't mind at all either - would have waited for however long it took for him to make the turn - just resented instructor expecting me to drive dangerously!

LRDTheFeministDragon Wed 08-Jun-11 20:03:28

But if the learner had stalled, the instructor does have dual control and can get the car moving himself. It is bad practice to beckon you past - he'd have to fail a learner for obeying someone doing that on a test, so why do it to you?

I would have waited behind him myself, though, unless I were in a screaming hurry.

WelliesinJune Wed 08-Jun-11 20:26:25

He hadn't stalled. And it is bad practice. I guess you're right and I could have just waited behind him indefinitely, perhaps bibbing my horn continuously. Or he could have pulled out. Unless I'm missing something roads are for driving on - to get people from A to B.

LRDTheFeministDragon Wed 08-Jun-11 20:37:20

Oh, I wasn't having a go at you - I'd be really cross too, with the instructor who was messing both you and his learner about. It's not good practice to sit on a crossing even if there's no-one there, either! I do think it's crap that there's little you can to do in that situation that doesn't risk making the learner feel awful (and we've all been there).

My instructor (first and last lesson with him!) grabbed the wheel out of my hands because he wanted me to turn left and I'd signalled and moved right instead. Twat. Some instructors are just idiots, same as any profession.

WelliesinJune Wed 08-Jun-11 20:41:23

Sorry didn't mean to have a go back either - completely agree with you. My driving instructor was really good - always taught me to look ahead and be aware of other road users. Never had an accident and get cross at people who take risks in cars.

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