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In thinking the CSA enforcement department in lying to me?

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Lipstickgal Wed 08-Jun-11 14:55:17

Had a conversation with one of their staff. Quick outline- ex husband self- employed, very wealthy, seemingly holds no assets in his name.His partner who works part time selling cars has at least three properties in her name.The last of which cost £650,000. Go figure. There are two liability orders in his name and baliff action has turned up nothing. They have already tried a third party debt order to no avail. I thought the next step was the commital to prison action but they are now telling me they are taking 'bank account action' the likes of which they can't go into except to say that they can now take money out of accounts without a third party debt order. I have researched this online and they are bullshitting me again aren't they?
I have already had my MP involved but this has achieved little. I feel very angry because my ex husband has never helped with childcare since i left him when my son was 6 mnhs old. He was unreliable and as I later discovered had been to prison without telling me. My eldest child is Autistic with a rare form of epilepsy and I had to become her full time carer and give up my teaching career. The inequality of it all makes me feel so furious at times.

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