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To be angry with the directors at work for forgetting I exist and therefore leaving me out of important emails.

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Pinkiemum Tue 07-Jun-11 17:59:13

Last week the company I work for was officially sold, this has affected my work some it staying with our old owners which meant very short notice having to travel overseas to train people how to do my work. I normally only work three days a week, but beacause of the sale Iwas very flexible about my days and hours ( luckily my daughter is staying with her grandparents OS).

Yesterday suddenly get told that I have done something I shouldn't even though I had been assured by my supervisior that I was indeed doing the right thing(he also diid not and not been copied in on emails). Today I get told that all what I did for month end was wrong and that I need to correct everything. Later on I get told that the directors had sent emails out that I should have been included in sorry, don't see why you are getting stressed. The fact i had invoiced companies that I shouildn't no big deal, rush to send out credit notes so customers not confused about receiving two.

Had lots of other work still to do for month end, ended nearly in tears

I am nearly 20 weeks pregnant so was feeling pretty hormonal this morning any way, am I right to be upset.

CogitoErgoSometimes Tue 07-Jun-11 19:55:39

YANBU to be upset but, unfortunately, being upset gets you nowhere. You have to play merry hell with whoever left you out of correspondence & who changed the rules on how the work is done. Stamp your feet. Make a fuss. Otherwise, you'll be chalked up as muggins that doesn't mind any amount of shit happening... and more of it will happen. Good luck

katvond Tue 07-Jun-11 19:58:49

Now don't take this funny but what's your position at work maybe your position is not important enough for you to be included. Sorry

Pinkiemum Tue 07-Jun-11 20:24:44

I was told by the person who should have included me in the email that I should have been included, I run or basically am the backoffice of our company, I needed to know that I should not be creating invoices this month for the month of May and how things were supposed to work once the company was sold as the back office is my responsibility, the head of my department and my supervisor were not included in the emails either if they had been and I hadn't that would have been fine as at least someone who was involved in what I did at month end would have known what was supposed to happen. My supervisor thought the same as I did about how the change over was going to happen and was not at all happy with the situation and understood why I was stressed as he was stressed too.

microserf Tue 07-Jun-11 21:03:23

Erm, rather giving away my profession here, but I am regularly involved in the sale and purchase of companies. You are completely right that you should have been told how to manage your work during the sale period.

Unfortunately, that doesn't really help you as my experience is that often directors don't think of the practical implications of the change as their attention is focussed elsewhere - it is usually a busy and stressful time for them as well. I would not take it personally, but I would make sure you are 100% clear as to your instructions for the next month.

If you can answer without giving too much away, why did you have to train someone else to do your job? That makes me a little nervous, as I assume that naturally you will be retaining your position. I hope it is to ensure that the old owners can continue to manage the parts of the business that they retain.

Also, not to get too technical - but was the actual company sold, or the business of the company?

kaid100 Tue 07-Jun-11 21:11:02

Erm.. Katvond if the email affected what she needed to do in her work then yes, she was important enough to be included. Pinkiemum, this is just a guess but it's possible that whoever sent the original email wasn't leaving you out exactly, just passing on the information to the directors with the intention that the director your boss's boss reports to would pass it on to you, when the relevant director failed to do this it was easier to blame the person who told him than himself. All conjecture.

In short, YANBU.

Pinkiemum Wed 08-Jun-11 08:24:32

microserf the business was sold but there was a certain part the new company did not want to buy. I had to train people to do the work that related to that part of the business. I am not worried about my job it is protected at least till I come back from maternity leave, at the moment not sure exactly what I am going to do, but I am trying to make my new baby my priority less than four months to go until I go on maternity leave. I really needed to vent yesterday so thankyou all for your replies makes me feel a lot better.

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