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when the doorbell goes I hide behind the sofa wearing ...

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BelovedCunt Mon 06-Jun-11 13:31:50

a replica kate middleton wedding dress and muttering 'i do believe in fairies, i do ido'

WriterofDreams Mon 06-Jun-11 13:34:54

I hide behind the sofa wearing a top hat and tails, and proceed to instruct my mouse army on what to do if the nasty outsider tries to breach our defences.

BelovedCunt Mon 06-Jun-11 13:37:10

when the phones goes, i faint - i should unplug it but don't know how

EnnuiGo Mon 06-Jun-11 13:40:52

This is how i look at the moment on my computer....

reelingintheyears Mon 06-Jun-11 13:41:04

DPs boxers and a string vest.

PharoahNuff Mon 06-Jun-11 13:41:22

i adjust my anti macassars, KNOWINg a baddie wont get me

worraliberty Mon 06-Jun-11 13:42:25

Where does the doorbell actually go?

EnnuiGo Mon 06-Jun-11 13:42:38

....and i don't know how to upgrade it....

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