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To think my sister should be able to hold down a bloody job

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maypole1 Sun 05-Jun-11 22:41:11

she lost her first job last year work dried up fair enough not her fault.

Second job was for call centre and didn't finish till 9pm did try to explain not really compatible with 2 kids but she didn't want to hear it.

One month later she had to leave, the lady Next door didn't want to sit with up with small kids till gone 10 when her own child go to be at 8.

So that job ended and she and the lady next door no longer talk

What do you expect for £50 a week

Third job was asked to leave before she was sacked it ended up with a guy from the second floor becoming her arch enemy(not kidding) he then got promoted to her boss and as expected he was getting on her about everything she ever did like being 5 minutes late back from luck eg. most bosses would let that go but due to their history no chance ,any who it ended up with them rowing about her answering on her mobile in the office

She then

Asked him if he would like to step outside And sort things once and for all (yes ladies for a fight) it didn't end well.

To be fair she is lucky the didn't call the police

Lucky for her she got a job three weeks later in recruitment its only been two months, I rang her up on Friday for a chat her words I HAVE BEEN SACKED then said I will
Call you later .

Should I be a listening ear or be telling her whats what she has two kids and needs to get it together

suburbophobe Sun 05-Jun-11 22:46:16

I think you need to leave well off and let her make her own mistakes.

Obviously, not with any neglect of her children...

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