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Is competing against my son ok if we are both cool with it?

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rachymum Sun 05-Jun-11 12:12:50

hi I'm Rachel a 35 year old mum and am unfortunately one of those competitive sporty types. I was a track cyclist for 20 years had 3 children in my early 20s so really proud of keeping it up. Anyway I wanted a change. My son Matt is 15 and has been doing Brazilian jiu jitsu (bjj) for 5 years. His instructed eventually roped me into training a year ago and I love it. It's basically like ground grappling where you use submissions on your opponent. If they tap out it's all over. (sounds aggressive and mean but it's not I promise . It's more like a chess game) . Anyway Matt has. Obviously kicked my butt in training as he's a bit taller and more experienced. We are now the same belt so got drawn against each other last night in a local club comp. I surprised everyone including myself but managed to tap him out using my legs (the only positives of having big cyclists thighs is that you can squeeze a bear into submission with them) in the first minute of the match. Anyway I was really pleased with my achievment as put in a lot of practice to get to this point. My son showed such a great temperament by shaking my hand after the match. Is there anything wrong with this mum son little bit of competitiveness? We actual are good training partners and as I'm a single mum we wrestle all the time. (he's getting big so the only way I can beat him is to sit on him and pin his arms down) does any of you have the same relationship with your son?

katvond Sun 05-Jun-11 12:54:08

I can't see there's anything wrong with it OP. You both enjoy it, you both showed good sportsmanship, if he'd got upset if you beat him I'd say different, but he didn't. Sounds a very mature boy

katvond Sun 05-Jun-11 12:54:59

I don't have a son OP just a DD

lesley33 Sun 05-Jun-11 12:56:42

Yes its fine to compete. Only word of warning is if you are better than him at everything he does. I think older teenagers do need to have something that they can do better than their parents or siblings.

AuntiePickleBottom Sun 05-Jun-11 13:00:30

it's fine imo

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