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To think it can be the little things that make a relationship-or break it?

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Hormoneoverload Sun 05-Jun-11 06:44:56

just saw my mother. I'm 37 weeks pg. Mil always, always says how gorgeous I and bump look, even when I'm convinced the opposite must be true. In 14 years of knowing her she must have made two comments that have upset me. My mother walks through the door and says "well you're not getting any slimmer are you?". I know she doesn't mean to but she'll always make these comments that can be at best misconstrued. Apparently, dc who sat and coloured, ordered and ate from a menu for two hours yesterday at a restaurant (5 and 2.5) were " quite good really". Just twigged that the build up of small trivial put downs might be why she's not my first port of call to chat to or rely on. It is in addition to a lack of respect for confidentiality but the drip drip of these comments is really wearing.

websticks Sun 05-Jun-11 10:00:48

My mother is exactly the same, she said yesterday that my 5 month old ds is getting FAT. He is chubby and a big baby for his age and she knows i am a little sensative about his weight so why does she say it??
I sometimes think mothers think they have the right to say whatever they like to their daughters and that we should just take it!
I have to bite my tonge so often with mine, if it was anyone else saying it i just wouldn't bother with them.

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