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That midwives don't check...

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worm77daisy Sun 05-Jun-11 01:51:53

I am staying my second night in a maternity ward following c-section. There are two women who have obviously been affected by the pain killers,or are very heavy sleepers, and have slept through their babies crying for at least an hour. I have asked the midwives to go and check on them as I can hear the babies being sick from screaming. AIBU to expect the midwives to check on continually screaming babes, there are 4 of them covering about 24 beds.

Scared at what could happen and pissed off that for the second night running my recovery is going to be thwarted by a maximum of 30mins sleep.

LordOfTheFlies Sun 05-Jun-11 01:57:20

When I had DD (now nearly 9) I was asleep- no painkillers,just knackered.
DD was crying and one of the MWs woke me up by slapping me across the rump shock.
Sorry,DD I didn't mean to ignore you but it had been a long 24 hours!

worm77daisy Sun 05-Jun-11 02:09:04

Just to clarify i am Not pissed off with the mums, but the midwives. Who are chatting about Internet dating.

znaika Sun 05-Jun-11 02:39:48

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

TattyDevine Sun 05-Jun-11 02:43:44

They should pass by from time to time.

I expect they've been snapped at too many times by new mums who are trying to start as they mean to go on and not "spoil" their babies grin ...there's one on every ward dontcha know...

I suppose it becomes white noise to them at some stage. Also, are the curtains across? They might not realise the mums are asleep...

Its not great though - ideally those babes would be seen to before too long. Poor wee mites. That said, their mums are probably totally knackered...

TattyDevine Sun 05-Jun-11 02:44:37

If you are still awake now, by the way, get them to give you a shot of Morphine and join the party! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

DreamingOfABump Sun 05-Jun-11 07:44:56

what do u propose the midwives do once these heavy sleeping wowen are at home?

PicaK Sun 05-Jun-11 07:51:28

I really feel for you. That happened to me too and the lack of sleep really messed up my recovery. I did go get a mw - but wasn't thanked.

Please try and sleep in the day - stuff visitors, tell your DP to bring earplugs and eyemask and leave the baby to him. ( I wish i'd done that as by 4th night of no sleep I turned into psycho-nuts woman.)

Georgimama Sun 05-Jun-11 08:31:46

When the heavy sleeping women are at home their babies won't be disturbing the OP. Post natal wards are the first circle of hell.

LoveBeingAbleToNamechange Sun 05-Jun-11 08:35:01

I remember my night of hell on a mat ward after having dd. I literally got 30 mins it was the worst night of my life and I am desperatly hoping I won't have to stay in with the next one.

When I got home I couldn't eat the table of lovely goodies my parents had brought (all the things I couldn't eat when pg) and went to bed and slept for 5 hours till dh woke me cause dd needed feeding then slept apart from feeding till the next day.

The worst posible start and if I had known then you could pay for a private room I would have, I will pay anything next time!

acatcalledbob Sun 05-Jun-11 08:38:16

I remember being opposite a new mum with a c-section delivered baby when I had DD1. She was flat on her back, couldn't move and her baby started choking. I know it's not unusual for CS babies but she rang and rang for mws and no-one came. I managed to ask her if she wanted me to pick up her baby, stagger across without breaking a gazillion stitches and get her baby upright, patting him on the back (still don't know if that was the right thing but it was instinctive) as he was red in the face and struggling to breathe. Hate the way mws are so overworked / sidetracked / whatever that it affects care.

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