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To be a bit narked at dh...

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Karbea Sat 04-Jun-11 22:39:18

he was up at 6, woke me up (I'm a very light sleeper and once wake can't get back to sleep) to go training. He said he be back at 10:30, but wasn't back till 11:30, but that's not my reason for narkyness... A couple of my single friends posted that they were out at a bar I used to go to a lot with them, and I was a bit sad and said to dh 'ooo they never invite me out anymore...' I see them during the week sometimes but I moved along way away, and well I'm married they are single, so it's all cool, he went off in a huff and asked why I married him.. Anyway we made up. Anyway we watch tv tonight which I hate doing... And by 9:45 he is asleep on the sofa snoring! I'm a night owl and he is a morning person, and he does this a lot! Half of me feels like getting dolled up and going out with my mates! It's early on a sat night! Grrrrr but I'm too far from my friends so I'm going to leave him on the sofa and go to be in huff...


ajandjjmum Sat 04-Jun-11 22:41:03

I sympathise - my DH is another one who's up before 6 for training, and makes sure he doesn't do it quietly.

But there's nothing to stop you saying to your friends that you'd like to join them next time - I'm sure they'd love you to go along occasionally.

Karbea Sat 04-Jun-11 22:43:37

Yes but he'd get grumpy and it's not worth it really when I can see them other nights... Apparently he'd get lonely if I went out on a Saturday night without him! confused

IAmTheCookieMonster Sat 04-Jun-11 22:45:08

:-( I hate it when DH takes nostalgia personally. On FB all my friends are having their PhD viva's and becoming doctors! I left because my dad died, moved back home, started going out with a boy I knew from before uni then got pregnant and married him! I am so happy, more so than ever before but I see my friends with titles and moving to different countries where I am back near my mum constantly battling housework (which I am s* at!)

Why don't you give them a ring and see if you can go out with them next week? Being married does not mean that you cannot ever go out with your friends again!

DartsRus Sat 04-Jun-11 22:45:42

Are you joined at the hip? I love dp but I do sometimes go and do other stuff that doesn't include him.

IAmTheCookieMonster Sat 04-Jun-11 22:45:49

get a baby sitter and go out together!

ScrotalPantomime Sat 04-Jun-11 22:50:25

Well, he gets to do training and that IMO counts as 'me-time' - why shouldn't you go out too?

Karbea Sat 04-Jun-11 22:55:02

We do lots of things separately he just has a 'thing' about Saturday nights, which is fine... As long as he doesn't sleep through it!

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