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to be sad that my baby is due at Christmas?

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SadAboutBaby Sat 04-Jun-11 06:15:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BlackSwan Sat 04-Jun-11 06:18:55

I say this in the kindest possible way - you are being really really ridiculous and you need to snap the hell out of it.

I was born around Christmas and I love it.

If this is the most important issue you have to tackle whilst you're pregnant then you will be very lucky indeed.

Just don't mention to anyone in RL how you're obsessing about this because they will think you are a moron.

jaggythistle Sat 04-Jun-11 06:27:39

sorry, YAB a bit U.

Christmas wouldn't be the ideal time for me either, but I'm only on month 9 of ttc no 2 and couldn't give i flying monkey about (imaginary) due dates already. so I'd imagine that people who've been trying a whole lot longer will think you're being extremely unreasonable. smile

seeker Sat 04-Jun-11 06:31:48

I have Christmas baby - she was born on December 21st. I was a bit sad about it too. But she is 15 now, and currently planning her massive half birthday sleepover on June 21st - Midsummer night!

She's always had a half birthday - it means she has two celebrations every year. One on her actual birthday with a trip to the pantomimne and one on midsummer day with a party.

Bluemoonrising Sat 04-Jun-11 06:35:05

I think that, as parents, surely you are in a prime position to make sure your childs birthday doesn't get lost with other festivities?

A friend always has her DD's celebrations in early December so they don't clash, and another does, like seeker's, a half-birthday celebration.

On a positive note, you are aware that this can be an issue so you will surely work harder to avoid it!

ShuffleBallChange Sat 04-Jun-11 06:35:52

I felt a bit like this at first, DS1 was due in August but born in July so a summer birthday - lovely. DS2 was due Christmas Eve but born a week early. Having a summer birthday myself and loving it, I too felt a bid sad for DS2. But does it really matter? I don't think so. On the plus side you can hide in warm baggy clothes for much longer when you have a winter baby grin.

Its probably your hormones sending you a bit doolally, but enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to meeting your scrumptious new arrival

diddl Sat 04-Jun-11 06:38:53

My "christmas baby" was born the middle of Nov-so there´s no guarantee.

My Bday is just before Christmas & I love it, love it love it!

I always had parties & seperate presents-like my sibling.

And no need for a pretendy "half birthday" either.

mrsbiscuits Sat 04-Jun-11 06:40:48

Sorry but YABVU and a bit daft if I'm honest. I was born on 26th December and have never hated the fact that I was born at Christmas. In fact it was pretty cool to be honest and in truth I've never known any different. If I were you I'd just be more concerned about having a healthy baby than worrying about what time of year they are born.

HengshanRoad Sat 04-Jun-11 06:42:10

If this is all you have to worry about, I'd say you're doing pretty well. Celebrate the fact that you will be welcoming a baby into the world. Whether it's born in July or December is really by the by.

HattiFattner Sat 04-Jun-11 06:44:24

I have two Christmas babies - one on the 14th, one on the 15th. No 3 was due on 1st, but ended up in November. I am only fertile in spring!

We make a special effort with birthdays - eg no christmas decs up before the birthdays, never had combined pressies.

Christmas is better than January, when everyone is skint, on a diet, and on the wagon.

SadAboutBaby Sat 04-Jun-11 06:48:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mogglemoo Sat 04-Jun-11 06:48:33

My daughter's due date was 22nd December, but she chose to be born on Xmas Eve. We make sure that she gets separate birthday presents and that they are wrapped in birthday paper. I secretly think that she loves having a 'special birthday', and there is a Xmas tree decoration that we put on the tree every year that was put on her cot when she was born by hospital staff. Santa also comes round and leaves the bebies and Mums presents.

Because we are always with family at Xmas, she gets a birthday celebration, and if she has a birthday party we plan it for the beginning of December. So much so, that my elder daughter (whose birthday is in January) is miffed because the family is never together when her birthday comes around!

My mum's birthday is Jan 1, and my sister is keeping up family tradition; she gave birth to my nephew on Jan 1 too!

Your child's birthday is as special as you want to make it- I was relieved I had a very short labour, and that I was able to enjoy Xmas day with both my daughters- albeit in the hospital with all family (and champagne) grin

AlpinePony Sat 04-Jun-11 06:48:51

YABU - you are fully aware that you'd run out of contraception and that you did not want a xmas baby yet you had unprotected sex anyway. Bless your fertility! wink

Happymm Sat 04-Jun-11 06:50:15

You are being an idiot. I have a Christmas baby, born on the 29th. Brightens up that in-between stage really well. Be glad you're having a baby. Go have a brew and give yourself a talking to grin

NunTheWiser Sat 04-Jun-11 06:54:39

In the nicest possible way, YABU. It doesn't matter to the child. DD1 (2 weeks before Xmas), DD2 (Xmas Eve) and DS (4 weeks after Xmas) couldn't care less because we make their birthdays special, regardless of the date. Birthday parties can be tricky, financially and with friends being away, so we often do "UnBirthday" Parties half way through the year. This year DD1 and 2 want to take some friends to see the new Harry Potter at the cinema next month as their "birthday celebration" and I'll probably do a soft play party for my son around the same time.

NunTheWiser Sat 04-Jun-11 06:56:26

The Christmas Day after DD2 was born (at 11.40pm on Xmas Eve) was my best Christmas ever. I had an emergency section so was still smacked off my tits on IV morphine. Look on the bright side!

JaneBennet Sat 04-Jun-11 06:56:48

I think you're being a little BU, only because there is no perfect date on the calendar to have a baby. I've got a May born and there are so many May borns in his class (at least 40%) so you have to plan a party weeks in advance so all the 'good' dates don't get snapped up. I've also got a very, very early September born, she's always going to be the very youngest in her class. I'm a summer born so never had a class party but don't remember ever being upset about it. So you see, none of these are 'perfect' but perfect for us.

I like Christmas-ish birthdays as people are more willing to go out and party in the run up to Christmas (as you get older). I'd actually really love a Christmas baby next year, DH might not be as pleased but hey ho (or maybe that should be ho ho!).

pinklizzie Sat 04-Jun-11 07:01:59

Pretty insensitive post imo.

Considering the sheer number of people who would just love to have a baby but can't.

VFVF Sat 04-Jun-11 07:03:38

sadaboutbaby I kind of know how you feel, I thought that by conceiving in Feb I would have a Nov baby, but didn't factor in the long cycle, late ovulation and going two weeks overdue! DD was born a few days before Christmas, and the reason I felt a little sad for her was that my brother is a Christmas baby and doesn't like it. I think we both have to make a special effort to keep our childrens birthdays very special and seperate from Christmas, even if, as a previous poster suggested, having a half birthday in the summer. I know you know it's not the worst thing in the world, but please try to relax and don't think about your baby coming at Christmas, just about your baby coming!
Oh, and congratulations!

onceamai Sat 04-Jun-11 07:08:16

DS was born 4.5 weeks early at 12.22am on Christmas Day. He's a very lucky boy, he shares his birthday with probably the most famous prophet in the christian world. It hasn't been a problem. We celebrate his birthday on Xmas Day as a family and then we have a birthday tea, put up his cards (otherwise they get lost with the Christmas cards, and his party when he was smaller) and his presents the first weekend after 12th night. Nowadays we have a big summer party to celebrate DD's birthday which always falls in the middle of exams and the end of exams and the rest of the family birthdays which are in July and DS's 1/2 birthday. He'll be 17 this year and it has involved a bit more organising but it is something very unique to our family and means we have all sorts of special little family routines at that time of the year.

Hope it all goes well - it will be fine and it will be a talking point and point of interest - just don't go cute and call him/her Noel/Noelle, Holly, Carol, etc..

SadAboutBaby Sat 04-Jun-11 07:11:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

onceamai Sat 04-Jun-11 07:11:36

PS: Have just remembered the other brilliant thing. At Christmas there are no planned sections, no routine admissions, no inductions, etc., on the maternity ward and actually I think we got far more medical attention than at any other time. In fact only three babies were born that day in a large London Hospital, the staff were jolly and we got far more medical and pastoral care and attention than I think we otherwise would have. Even the hospital chaplain came to see us.

SadAboutBaby Sat 04-Jun-11 07:13:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BlooferLady Sat 04-Jun-11 07:14:04

hmm You are expecting your second child. Try and dwell with happiness and gratitude on that, rather than fretting about future party arrangements.

seeker Sat 04-Jun-11 07:14:46

I remeber being worried about ticking the menu sheet because they told me that whatever I ticked the next woman in the bed would get and I realized I was choosing a stranger's Christmas Dinner!

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