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Should I pursue this? I seem to have stumbled into a power struggle between the midwife/sonographer.

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Reality Fri 03-Jun-11 07:43:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CogitoErgoSometimes Fri 03-Jun-11 07:47:59

I'd speak to your midwife, explain what heppened and tell her that you're going to do nothing until everyone makes their mind up. If you're being given two different stories, what else can you do?

CarGirl Fri 03-Jun-11 07:48:43

I'd ask for a referral to a consultant grin as I'm sure they will ultimately decide whether 32 or 36 weeks is best.

5DollarShake Fri 03-Jun-11 07:51:28

i get the feeling that 32 weeks is prob too early - your placenta could well shift after that point, rendering a c-sec unnecessary.

BerryLellow Fri 03-Jun-11 07:55:38

I'd ask the MW to ring the sonographer to sort this out. And then possibly the consultant route. I've had scans at around this time, but they were more to do with the fact that I was huge and the MW wanted to check I wasn't carrying a 24lber grin

Hope this gets sorted quickly, there's nothing like medical indecision to stress a pg lady out <experienced>

Reality Fri 03-Jun-11 07:57:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DaisySteiner Fri 03-Jun-11 07:57:15

According to the [ Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists] your scan should be done between 32 and 36 weeks. However, my (limited) understanding is that the later it's done, the more chance that the placenta will no longer be covering or close to the cervix, so it's possible that at 32 weeks the scan might give you a different result compared to waiting until 36 weeks.

Did the midwife tell you that 90% of women who have a low-lying placenta at their 20 week scan will find that it's moved away from the cervix by the time of the second scan? So, chances are it will be fine. I can understand that you want to know either way, but you may not get a definitive answer if you have an earlier scan. And of course, your placenta may move and you still end up with a c-section!

AYBU? Dunno! A little bit maybe, but I'd probably feel the same if it was me.

TimeWasting Fri 03-Jun-11 08:04:32

The sonographer is the expert on this matter I'd have thought.

Make two sets of plans, warn anyone you think necessary, DH boss etc. that he might need more time off, but that you simply won't know til later.

Even if you don't need an elective there's no way to guarantee what actually happens during the birth, so making a Plan B is the sensible option anyway.

My placenta is low too, but I want an elective. grin

Hope it shifts!

Reality Fri 03-Jun-11 08:05:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Reality Fri 03-Jun-11 08:06:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

diddl Fri 03-Jun-11 08:08:02

I was under a consultant for this & scanned every 4wks, I think-but growth was also being checked.

But as it happened, it wasn´t until the scan at 36 weeks that it had moved enough for a vb to be OK.

It is possible that an earlier scan won´t tell you anything-but that´s what you need to find out somehow.

Obviously, if it´s too early to tell, then there´s nothing to do but wait until 36weeks.

LoveBeingAbleToNamechange Fri 03-Jun-11 08:13:03

I had this with first and it had like most people moved. I knew this as had been for a 3d scan two weeks earlier and they told me when I asked, sooo how about a private scan if you afford it?

strangerintheday Fri 03-Jun-11 08:13:41

I would consider booking a private scan. After all, the issue here is a cost of a "wasted" scan (according to the sonographer) at 32 weeks, which already may or may not show the placenta at a different position and give you more planning time. Private scan should not be super expensive as it is not a detailed study.

strangerintheday Fri 03-Jun-11 08:14:36

x-posted with love wink

skybluepearl Fri 03-Jun-11 08:15:45

i'd put it back in the hand of the MW to be honest.

did you ask her for an early scan or did she suggest it?

Reality Fri 03-Jun-11 08:17:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TarheelMama Fri 03-Jun-11 09:26:47

Happy compromise at 34 week scan? I had a low lying placenta and 34 weeks is when I had the scan done and it had moved.

That gives MW two extra weeks.

TrillianAstra Fri 03-Jun-11 09:32:02

I know you love AIBU but shouldn't this be in Pregnancy?

I was hoping for a juicy tale of fighting medical professionals, but this is just placenta advice.

TattyDevine Fri 03-Jun-11 09:39:30

I had placenta praevia, which presented itself simply as a low lying placenta at 20 weeks, after which I think the majority move in the "right" direction, mine didn't, by 32 weeks it was completely covering, and at 36 weeks I had a dildocam to ascertain the exact position of it to make sure it wasn't stuck to my old c-section scar in which case they have to cut you vertically (classical incision).

One thing I do know about Placenta Praevia is that if you have a bleed after 32 weeks you are in till the end.

So if you don't want a private scan you might just have to have a bit of light spotting at 30 weeks wink (careful what you wish for though - you might anyway)

If you can afford a private scan that would be the right thing to do if your only concerns are the "waiting" and "planning" game of whether or not you go the home birth option or the elective section option, etc.

If you are genuinely concerned that they are not giving you adequate care and will not relax for a minute if you don't know the position of your placenta by 32 weeks then make sure you get yourself a scan. Ideally a scan would be with your care providers - the midwife looking after you should be able to read a report by her colleagues and be able to go back to them with queries, and refer it to a consultant if there are any anomolies, shouldn't have to go private.

TattyDevine Fri 03-Jun-11 09:43:10

And before anyone jumps on me too badly for suggesting she "make the scan happen" by 32 weeks, if the placenta has moved away (probable, and statistically most likely), then she wont need a 36 week scan so has ended up with the same amount of scans, and if it is completely covering it, it really is better she knows that so she can be a little bit more careful with lifting, sex, etc. If she does have the condition it is potentially very serious and its actually better to know one way or the other.

LunaticFringe Fri 03-Jun-11 09:45:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TrillianAstra Fri 03-Jun-11 09:55:31

grin at being careful with sex - are you saying that Reality's DH has a big one to be interfering with her cervix?

MamaChocoholic Fri 03-Jun-11 10:01:59

at 32 weeks it might (probably will) have shifted enough, otherwise you would still need an additional scan at 36 weeks. the sonographer is trying to ration scans, the mw is trying to look out for your interests. I would push for the appt if you can, but be warned, sonographers can be stubborn. mine refused to scan me at 38w with twins when the consultant referred me because she was concerned about growth and lack of movement from twin 2.

diddl Fri 03-Jun-11 10:16:01

Just looked at my notes.

It was noticed at 28 weeks.

I was also scanned at 31 & 34 weeks as they thought I was having an enormous (for me) baby & would be needing a cs anyway.

But they said that the 36wk scan would be the decider re a cs being needed because od the PP.

Would a decision about a cs be made prior to 36weeks anyway?

Anyway, at the 36wk scan, all was OK.

Gave birth a couple of days later to a tiny baby (2.3kgs).

Even I coped with that!

blueberryjam Fri 03-Jun-11 10:47:49

I had a low lying placenta at 20 weeks had another scan at 31 weeks for an unrelated matter and it was still to close to os but had another one last week at 35 weeks and it has now moved. So I would wait and have one as late as possible.

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