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AIBU To think some people can be a little too PC about soaps on tv?!

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dingdongmrs Thu 02-Jun-11 10:24:50

Ok i dont know if any of you watched Emmerdale last night, but Rona carried the new baby in the moses basket from the living room to the kitchen to Paddy. you only saw about 3 seconds of her carrying the baby in it, she wasnt running up and down the stairs with it. You could see the handles were made of leather, not flimsy wicca or anything.

Now i know you should really carry a baby in a moses basket as the handles can snap but someone on another forum (youll know which one!) has started a thread ranting about it how its not safe ect ect and she has actually emailed them to tell them off lol

i just think sometimes people can be a little too pc about things, its a soaps, its not real and i really dont think someone will say "im gonna do that cos they did it on emmerdale" or maybe they will?!

katvond Thu 02-Jun-11 10:30:52

Its a soap its not real life,grasp that fact and they will be fine smile

If my DD can grasp the fact that when spongebob lost his arms and in the next take they were back on his body,she knows its pretend and not real life,same as a soap,so glad I don't watch them. DD is 5

DivineInspiration Thu 02-Jun-11 10:33:57

I thought that was why moses baskets had handles? To be carried about with. So they're just there for show?

I have no DC, admittedly, hence cluelessness.

I can't imagine an instance where I might model my behaviour on that of a TV character - but I suppose that we all infer things from what goes on around us and what we see/hear about/watch on the telly. Not even as explicit as "I'm gonna do that 'cos they did it on Emmerdale", but we all take social cues from what we see around us and to some extent that shapes what we do and what we believe. If something that's apparently unsafe is passed off in the public domain as fine, some people may assume from that that it's fine. Which I suppose isn't fine.

SardineQueen Thu 02-Jun-11 10:36:14

totally confused

WTF are the handles for then?

I used to lug the DDs around the house in theirs that was the whole bleeding point of it.

PLUS baby gear is utterly over-safe in all areas. If moses baskets with handles were dangerous would John Lewis be selling them with handles and without enormous warning signs all over them? I think not.


youmeatsix Thu 02-Jun-11 10:37:35

you read about people assaulting unsavoury characters in the street in RL
it just never ceases to amaze me how caught up people get with soaps (my own mother included) she phones "oh wow do you know XXXXXX is pregnant and its not her husbands baby" ermmmmmmmmm no, who is XXXXXXXX??? its like she KNOWS them

dingdongmrs Thu 02-Jun-11 10:40:32

I know it baffled me too. i told her she was overeacting by emailing them. and yes they are made for carrying i know some cheap ones have been known to snap but thats what you get when you buy cheaper items, if you fork out £300 or so for a good quality one it wont snap.

it just makes me laugh how some people will find anything to complain about, get a grip and live in the real world if soaps effect you that much dont watch them!

Kallista Thu 02-Jun-11 11:35:08

Well she will complain even more when John from Corrie stands on the edge of a hospital roof in tonight's episode - carrying baby Hope wrapped in a blanket!
That's just not safe at all, is it?? ;-)

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