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steve backshall yet again

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notbadforanoldbird Wed 01-Jun-11 23:33:09

Am i being unreasonable having cunningly dragged my kids around Marlow today ,(lovely river,baby ducks and swans,plenty of expensive boutiques that strangely didn t interest my 12 yr old son etc etc) all in the hope of spotting the handsome and enthusiastic Steve Backshall ?What is it about him ?I ve never lusted after a musclebound man before in my life !!!!

Happyhippychick Thu 02-Jun-11 00:33:15

Mmm Steve Backshall..... <wipes up drool>

No YANBU sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Marlow you say

<gets out map>

CravingExcitement Thu 02-Jun-11 00:35:53


caramelwaffle Thu 02-Jun-11 00:39:59


<Too lazy late to Google emoticom>

ClaireDeLoon Thu 02-Jun-11 00:43:47


He was the guy on the recent tigers in himalaya programme who was very shouty and irritating. Crapped himself when confronted with a snow leopard that wasn't actually there (I would of course be fearless in face of a snow leopard so am entitled to scoff).

MapofTassie Thu 02-Jun-11 05:41:42

Well, I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating toast grin.
As we're talking about Steves, may I suggest Steve Leonard.
Who remembers him from 'Vets in Practice'?

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Thu 02-Jun-11 06:02:55

With very few exceptions, I'd kick out anyone who attempted to eat toast in my lovely pristine bed. How DARE they?

Thought you were going on about Steve Backley or similar who had a big pricky thing javelin. Think he lives in Bexley?

Might have a quiet gulp if confronted by a fully grown lion on my tracks, but I'm with you, ClairDeLoon, snow leopard - no problem. That liddle puddy'll be putting on his ski's and purring home with me. If only - I'd love a big bad cat in my life.

notbadforanoldbird Thu 02-Jun-11 11:27:08

Shouty and irritating ?Really?I know he calls every animal the most amazing predator/camouflager/hibernator in the world and even i have worked out we re over 60 deadly animals by now etc but shouty ?My Steve ?Do think though that a relationship with him would mean tons of damp sweaty gear all over the floor -but think i could handle that ..I seem to have forgotten that i m married with children -oops

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