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ShinyMoonInAPurpleSky Wed 01-Jun-11 22:08:51

Did I ever go and have a nosy at the Schuh website? I'm nearing the end of my mat leave, all the spare money I have is being saved for car insurance and repairs and now I've seen the most gorgeous pair of shoes ever..well since the last most gorgeous pair I saw anyway...and they're even in the sale [sobs].

So please tell me that I can't have them because I can't afford them, they're completely impractical, I'll never be able to walk in them, I have nothing (except my wedding dress) that will match them and I can hardly walk around in that all day, and I already have too many pairs of shoes that I don't wear because I can't walk in them or have nothing that goes with them!!!

Zingylemontart Wed 01-Jun-11 22:10:02

Sorry - can't give you an opinion unless I see the shoes. wink

scurryfunge Wed 01-Jun-11 22:10:37

Link please then I can decidegrin

MaureenMLove Wed 01-Jun-11 22:11:12

Well, I'm sorry, but I need to see them to make an informed decision on whether you need them or not. Only being able to wear them with your wedding dress, is not a good enough reason not to have them at the moment! grin

Honeydragon Wed 01-Jun-11 22:12:17


we are mumsnetters
we are judgy
we will be indulged

ShinyMoonInAPurpleSky Wed 01-Jun-11 22:12:25

Here they are then...

If I buy them then I can always send them back can't I? I mean, once they're here I may feel differently as if

EricNorthmansMistress Wed 01-Jun-11 22:12:31

They are only shoes. They will not enrich your life in any real way. You will never have a chance to wear them. You will take them off half way through the evening even if you do get to wear them and put on your emergency flats.

Any good? (need link BTW!)

MaureenMLove Wed 01-Jun-11 22:12:35

Love it! I thought it was just me that bought ridiculous shoes! grin

TheOriginalFAB Wed 01-Jun-11 22:13:13

I can't understand why you can't walk around in your wedding dress all day confusedgrin.

EricNorthmansMistress Wed 01-Jun-11 22:13:39

£50! Buy them! Irregular choice shoes are beautiful.

scurryfunge Wed 01-Jun-11 22:13:43

forrid, sorry

TheOriginalFAB Wed 01-Jun-11 22:14:13

Those shoes are scary.

sunshineandshowers13 Wed 01-Jun-11 22:14:20

sorry - but buy them now!!! envy

Was wearing my gorgeous new wedge sandals last week when i fell over (properly full length splat in a puddle, ripping jeans and cutting knees and hands - the whole shebang) and broke my foot blush

Have been told to not run/jog (as if) OR wear high heels for 3 months!! by which point summer will be over and said shoes will be useless. [sigh]
11yr dd has hidden dangerous shoes incase i am tempted (which i sooo am)
very very very sad

Honeydragon Wed 01-Jun-11 22:14:45

I cant help you, I think they look like Edward Cullen ate some curtains and then threw up I'm afraid. Keep the £50.00.

Maryz Wed 01-Jun-11 22:15:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

icooksocks Wed 01-Jun-11 22:15:27

YABU-they are a bit vampish grin [never wears anything other than ballet pumps and trainers emoticon]

MaureenMLove Wed 01-Jun-11 22:15:34

They are indeed truely ridiculous, but I love them. In fact, as soon as I saw Irregular Choice pop up, my heart started pounding at the thought of them! grin

Al0uiseG Wed 01-Jun-11 22:15:37

They're fucking minging love!

FoundWanting Wed 01-Jun-11 22:16:47

On the plus side, Schuh will let you take them back within a year so long as you have only worn them on carpet.

I'm no help here because I have actually spent silly money on a pair of sandals which go with a bikini. You know, for when I'm on my yacht. grin

Hassled Wed 01-Jun-11 22:16:52

Those shoes will haunt me in my dreams. Heels and sequins and flowers and - is that gothic lace?

I'm old - ignore me grin

Mamaz0n Wed 01-Jun-11 22:17:10

Reality had them as her wedding shoes but in white and gold. They are quite gorgeous.

YesterdaysPants Wed 01-Jun-11 22:17:51

Not a fan of Irregular Choice - I think they're a bit self-consciously 'wacky'.

Sorry! If you like them then do please get them. I'm all for frivolously spending other people's money.

ShinyMoonInAPurpleSky Wed 01-Jun-11 22:18:15

grin Honeydragon!

Do you know I even have one of those masks you wear to masquerade balls which will also match them...I put my wedding dress and those shoes on, grab my mask and suddenly I'm in a ball in Paris with all the courtiers (or the video for It's a Hard Life I suppose hmm )

springydaffs Wed 01-Jun-11 22:28:43

50 quid? come on, you've got to have them for 50 quid! If your heart pounds when you think of them there really is no choice

or you will never forget them, for years and years afterwards: the shoes that got away

<weeps inconsolably for all the shoes that should've been bought but weren't for ridiculous reasons like nothing to wear with them/coudn't afford them>

mozette Wed 01-Jun-11 22:30:48

Buy them! They are Irregular Choice so you have no choice but to buy them!

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