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To think that you shouldn't tell someone you'll call them back the next day if you KNOW you won't?

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ClaireDeLoon Wed 01-Jun-11 14:42:38

I am trying to get treatment for a recently diagnosed problem on the NHS. Yesterday I was trying to chase up getting to see the consultant I was referred to for an operation and the admin manager I spoke to promised me she would ring me back today. I just called and she doesn't work today.

Why would lie like that? You not just say 'I'm not in tomorrow but will call you back when I next in the office on xxx'?

Honestly the nurses and doctors seem so helpful and kind but the administration is just a shambles. I do feel sorry for people who work in the NHS if this is typical of the general incompetence of management they have to deal with.

emsyj Wed 01-Jun-11 14:53:56

I imagine she forgot it was a bank holiday week and thought it was Monday yesterday and that she would be in to call you the next day, Tuesday (IYSWIM).

But if she doesn't call when she returns to the office tomorrow (and apologise for the mistake), then you are justified in having a private catbumface moment.

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