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To consider joining our local WI?

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BettySuarez Wed 01-Jun-11 00:12:49

I wander past the parish noticeboard from time to time and the local WI display all their meetings on there and I am considering going along one day to see what it's like.

Would it be totally ludicrous for a woman (who is not quite 40) to attend or should I wait another 15 years grin

In July that have someone coming in to do a talk/demonstration on Mongolian Nasal Singing (I'm not kidding btw) and I really fancy it?

I think I may need to get a life!

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Wed 01-Jun-11 00:25:37

I love the WI!

It's not all cakes and marmalade and it's women of all ages - go join and find out for yourself.

LadyThumb Wed 01-Jun-11 00:25:43

I watched a program about a breakaway group of WI who were 'outraging' all the accepted norms of membership. They were a great bunch of younger members!
Go along and if you don't like them, then don't go again.

I would join but live in a small village where exactly the same people do Art, WI, Village Fete and Church. It's like deja vue!!!

cat64 Wed 01-Jun-11 00:29:17

Message withdrawn

BettySuarez Wed 01-Jun-11 00:35:38

Oooh, thanks ladies. I have been tempted for ages and even DH said to give it a try - thought it might be really old fashioned though.

Ok, I'll go and let you know how it goes (with the nasal singing too - can't bloody wait for that!!!!)

startail Wed 01-Jun-11 00:37:32

YANBU, I've been going since I was 32. Sadly now I'm 40+ and I guess still the youngest although not by anything like as much. I got invited by the nicelady who wrote the parish magazine, I was picking her brains about toddler groups since she seemed to know everyone.
It was nice to get a night off from the DDs once a month. The ladies are lovely and I've learned all kinds of things about the village we'd moved to.
Many of our members have lead very interesting lives and except for one teenage daughter no one else has dependent children so the conversations don't revolve around competitive parenting. smile
Go along you may have fun.

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