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To be scared sick because I've had to take day off to look after sick 2YO DD

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Leavingonajetplan Tue 31-May-11 13:07:50

Was headhunted from a FTSE 100 to work at an internet start up. I guess I' soon realised I'd been misled by my new bosses - who refused to give me a job description. So I went out /made it and took it' (the role that is) then 3 month later my probation is extended and then they bring in a less experienced person than myself - because I've asked for help. Then they take on board all his comments - which are the very things I've been saying to them for months. I feel - and this has never happened to me in nearly 20 years in my profession - that my gender has worked against me. I've had to take some days off sick, because I feel sick going into work. Dunno what to do

MonstaMunch Tue 31-May-11 13:09:31

what reason did they give for extending the probation

why do you think your gender is an issue

Leavingonajetplan Tue 31-May-11 13:16:24

Because on a number of occasions they've referred to female associates that we work with as 'wtiches' - I don't think it's sexims, more that they are used to working with other men.
REason for extending my probabtion - didn't make any sense, they kept changing the reasons!

BlackSwan Tue 31-May-11 13:30:06

Do you feel confident/competent enough for the role? Do you like working there? It doesn't sound like you're enjoying it right now. If not, start looking for a new job. It doesn't sound like it's working very well for you or for them.

If however you do feel well qualified for the role then you have to get over the anxiety and show them what you've got. If you feel undermined by someone less experienced than you, then you have to have the courage to speak up about it.

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